Bismarck - The Final Days of Germanys Greatest Battleship

Author(s)                 Niklas Zetterling,  Charles Constant, Michael Tamelander
Publisher Casemate
Date 2012
Pages 328
Format epub
Size 4.1 Mb

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   As the name of this historical publication implies, is has been mainly dedicated to one of the most famous naval warships in the history of naval shipping. It depicts the last days of service of this ship. The content of this work will definitely be very useful and interesting to people interested in the naval history, taking into account that it includes so much of information, providing readers with the one relating to the mission of this battleship in the context of the Germany's strategy of commerce reading, and providing a professional look at many tactical and strategic problems which the commanders of both sides faced at that time. The narrative part of the document is remarkably highly detailed; however, note that the book does not descend too deep into technical descriptions. For all enthusiasts of the naval history, it will be extremely difficult to put this book down; we recommend this title to all people who like the studies of the naval battles of the past. They will find an absolutely fresh look and the career of maybe the most famous ships of the German Navy in the Second World War, and also get a good fundamental background and several historical insights in the book, making many of the elements of the Bismarck's story much more understandable and clearer, through a very thorough treatment which includes the materials obtained from the interviews with the participants of that war.

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