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Fix it and sail
   This clear, easy-to-understand step-by-step instruction book prepared by  the veteran sailor and, later, professional journalist Brian Gilbert guides the readers through the every single phase of the boat restoration process, starting from repairing the boat hull and keels, re-constructing and renewing the cabins and ports, to painting, sealing and wiring. They will learn how to deal with evaluation, repair and replacement of the hardware, canvaswork and upholstery. The appendices provided at the end of the publication and supplemented with so vivid and informative illustrations, will make you understand the tasks as well as the costs and labour involves in the boat restoration projects. Everyone will enjoy this book since it provides you with so necessary and important confidence to restore the boats you can afford to own and to sail. It gives so many practical and helpful instructions the people need in order to properly restore their boats. Moreover, it contains pictures detailing each of the steps of the boat refurbishing process, including guidance on proper selection and use of the tools. Note that the book was written for regular people without lots of cash but with some skills.

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The 12 Volt Doctors Practical Handbook
   For some people preparing a wiring diagram for their boats is treated as the headache and the result of such activity performed by such sort of guys leaves much to be desired, obviously. However, it they have a look into this publication, this task may seem much easier for them, since this book contains a huge number of very simple instructions - plain, easy-to-follow and supplemented with the sketches and images detailing every single detail. The Handbook is really world popular and the present edition has been thoroughly revised and updated with a lot of new and very actual information, making this classical publication even better. The book provides readers with a very understandable and useful guidance for the troubleshooting of the electrical systems, covering but not limited to the engine instruments, various alarms, lightning protection etc. The section dealing with the troubleshooting has been subjected to the most thorough revision. This is a truly invaluable and practical source of information for people willing to be able to fix any type of electrical problems they might face board their boats, by themselves, without having to involve someone else; in fact, it will be good to any person wishing to understand the basics of electricity.

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10 Wooden Boats You Can Build
   This is a very beautiful book indeed; it was written by Peter H. Spectre, who is a world popular renowned writer with a really lifelong experience of the sea traditions and a former editor of the famous and respected Wooden Boat magazine - these days, he is the editor of Maine Boats. One of the most important advantages of this publication is that all construction bugs have been cleared out of the boat designs  by the author. The book includes so many construction plans and detailed drawings, diagrams and materials lists, clear photographs and useful step-by-step instructions. The book contains not only the technical information on the boats but also so many interesting ideas that will definitely be appreciated by the boatbuilding and bat design enthusiasts. It will be equally useful to the boat builder and carpenter. Even the boat modelers will benefit from having a look in this work. It is a very nice source for beginners and we may consider this publication maybe the best one to start with. Not too much of theory and not full of complicated difficult-to-follow instructions. Quite simple and motivating. The name is pretty self-explanatory - take this book and start. You will not be disappointed with the result.

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Mine's Bigger - Tom Perkins and the Making of the Greatest Sailing Machine Ever Built
   In this book the author tells us the biography of a truly remarkable boat and the story of the man who built this boat. It is much more than just a tale of technology - we would rather consider this publication a profile of imagination and hubris of a legendary enterpreneur. The man to whom this book is dedicated, has a dream and that dream was not to get very rich or acquire power. Tom Perkins was one of the creators of the world famous Silicon Valley and, obviously, already possessed all of that wealth, being a one of the most successful venture capitalists. As he hit his seventies, this man decided to build the larges, highest-tech, fastest and, by the way, riskiest sailboat ever - and called it the perfect yacht. The yacht would be as long as the soccer field, about 42 feet wide, have three masts each having a height of a twenty-storied building... The Maltese Falcon, the world's biggest privately-owned sailing ship. This book is a really exhilarating account of how this yacht was created. It is indeed revealing and very engaging. The ones who read it will for sure do that with a great deal of interest and will not get disappointed. This eminent person and his boat have been examined in this publication with precision and insight.

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Boatbuilding Manual
   This Manual was first published in 1970 and for so many years various editions of the book have been used as the standard reference in boat design and construction nearly everywhere - in the boat design schools, yards, workshops - it is also very good for home boat builders. In fact, there as been no any other boatbuilding manual to serve the needs of both amateur and professional builders so perfect. We would say that this publication is mandatory for anyone involved in new construction or rebuilding a wooden sail- or powerboat. The book will make life much easier for all of them. It is essentially a textbook of boatbuilding and shall be treated as an introduction for amateurs and even newcomers. The material in the book is well-presented and quite easy to understand. The illustrations provided by the author, are very nice and informative - they make reading even more pleasant. We highly rate this publication and may recommend it, taking into consideration the number of topics covered, including such the important ones as basic plans and tools, hull materials, laying down, setting up, decking and framing, molds, construction templates, finishing, tanks, steering arrangements, mechanical and electrical issues, safety, deck and interior joinerwork etc.

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Physics of Sailing
   The present handbook breaks down such complicated concepts of torque, acceleration, fluid mechanics, speed, and surface physics; it provides a very useful and informative introduction to the basics of the sailing science. Apart from that, the book illustrates the various ways physics could be used to understand how a scientific understanding of the boat, water, and wind can lead to better and safer sailing, as well as the basic principles of sailboat propulsion. The way the present publication has been arranged allows readers to avoid any unnecessary formalisms that could make reading this book boring and, as a result, useless. The author of this book, John Kimball from the University of Albany, New York, United States, applied the fluid mechanics principles to sailboat technology and to the art of sailing. We would advice the readers to spend some of their time with this book. You will see how it helps you become a much more knowledgeable sailor. There is a sailing terms glossary in this book for ready reference and easier understanding of the contents. At the end of the day, we all understand that there can be no truly safe and effective sailing without proper and thorough understanding of the fundamental principles.

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Stapletons Powerboat Bible
   The real powerboat Bible by Sid Stapleton starts with the perfectly written introductory part, while the main part of the book is divided into several chapters addressing choosing a boat, handling a boat, communication and navigation issues, making necessary preparations for the voyage, emergency preparedness, cruising life etc. There are also six appendixes, their titles are - Powerboat Hull Forms; Marine Diesel Engines; Recommended Medical Supplies; Spare Parts & Supplies; The Cruising Tool Kit and, finally, Resources. In this book the readers will first get the basic information, followed with the recommendations on selecting a proper functional layout and right basic systems, they will know how to determine what it is all would to cost, and find the cruiser of their dreams, they will also know how to negotiate the purchase; taking into account that all of this represents the contents of the first chapter, you may now imagine the amount of useful information in the whole book, which shall be considered one of the most successful and complete guides to selection of the boat, seamanship techniques and cruising itself. Read this book carefully, it is really worth spending some time on it, we guarantee that.

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Sorensens Guide to Powerboats
   Sorensens Guide to Powerboats is intended as an aid for the prospective boat buyer and as a reference for the boatowner as well as the boating industry professional. The book is organized in two main sections: Part 1 explains powerboat design, construction, and performance. It has been updated to address advances in boat design and manufacturing, especially the discussions pertaining to propulsion systems (chapter 8). Part 2 surveys the market, describing specific boats in 27 different categories (e.g., pontoon boats, coastal fishing boats, and express cruisers). A clear understanding of how a boat is designed and manufactured is critical to a buyer's ability to select the right boat. For example, if you understand why a pontoon boat is designed and manufactured the way it is, you will also understand why it would make an extremely poor choice as an offshore fishing boat. Because not all such comparisons are so obvious, part 1 explains the not-so-apparent differences between various hull configurations, materials and methods of construction, power plant options, bridge design choices, deck outfitting, interior accommodations, and other factors that determine a boat's suitability for its intended purpose. With a working knowledge of these subjects as you shop for a boat, you will understand the reasons behind the manufacturer's choices in design and construction, and you'll be better able to determine how well that particular boat suits your needs. If you are already a boatowner, you will gain a deeper understanding of your boat's strengths and shortcomings.

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Ultrasimple BoatBuilding
   I adore secondhand bookshops—the smell, the atmosphere, and the low prices. In my time, I've found lots of great books about building small boats on their dusty shelves. Because many aspects of boating remain the same over generations and even centuries, older books on the subject can often be as relevant today as newer editions, and there's much indeed to learn from them. However, 1 have come to dislike certain types of older books, particularly the ones on boat carpentry that are more discouraging than helpful. They usually start with an anecdote about how the author tried building a boat at a young age and failed. In some versions, the author's father, in a fit of misplaced and misguided rage, destroys the original boat with an ax because it's both shameful and unsafe; in others he burns it. Usually the experience leaves the fledgling boat-builder in tears but determined to win the father's approval. Stories like this make me angry because when I see them I know it's more than likely that the author, deliberately or not, is replaying the part of the angry father and making readers feel inadequate, as if they were kids unable to build a proper small boat. In contrast, the present book is meant to make readers feel confident about building small boats. It will explain them how to make the project go smoothly and efficiently, bearing in mind that mistakes are not the end of the world. You can correct many with the help of good old cousin Poly Urethane, Uncle Epoxy, and Auntie Filler, so there's no need to fear potential blunders along the way. Thankfully, the bad old boat-chopping and boat-burning days are long gone. The methods I'm presenting here are tried, tested, and known to work. Over the years I've noticed beginners often wonder whether alternative cheaper materials and methods might work just as well as the ones I have included in this book. The answer is some will, some won't, and some will only to a point. If you have a slightly wacky idea about building a boat from expanded foam or using water-resistant (rather than waterproof) glue, ask about it on the Internet discussion groups...

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The Complete Idiots Guide to Boating and Sailing
   This is the second edition of the nice and world popular book prepared by Frank Sargeant and released to serve as the comprehensive overview of both sailing and power boating, covering all the techniques shared by both. It includes all necessary materials that any boater needs to know when buying a boat; it also addresses the cost of ownership, marine power, motors, weather and technology matters, safe navigation and seamanship techniques, and other boat handling issues; in addition, this new edition of the book contains a separate chapter dedicated solely to the personal watercraft. You will get the expert advice on nearly every aspect of launching, anchoring, docking, repair and maintenance of the boat. All info on the marine equipment and technology contained in the book is up-to-date and reflects the very latest breakthroughs in the industry. As it is entailed by the name of this book, it will be extremely useful to novices willing to get some basic knowledge on boating and sailing, for the perfect start. There is a Glossary at the end of the book explaining the most popular definitions and abbreviations the boater may need to use. The list of guide books and online resources is also there for easy reference. Highly recommended for both newcomers and professionals of the boating, since there is always some room for the improvement of your skills.

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the art of boat names
   Well, it goes without saying that a name plays a very important role in the whole destiny of the ship, up to the very last day of the service. A well-designed one will be a finishing touch in the long-lasting process of building the boat and it will form the first impression of the boat. The name of a boat or a ship is referred to as a visible clue to the owner's sensibilities and interests. Regardless of whether the chosen name is mythical, irreverent, romantic, classical or, say, whimsical, it will not be able to communicate such message without a good and effective design. The title of this book fully reflects the content. The readers will get to know how to choose the graphic style and lettering expressing their personality and boating aspiration the best way, how to work with various techniques of lettering, how to properly communicate their choices to a designer, or a letterer. They will be offered a nice visual tour through the history of naming the boats and will be given a good opportunity to browse thousand and a half boat names and also explore the various resources for expanded search. Take some time reading this book and you will see how interesting the process of choosing the name and designing it can be.

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sailboat refinishing
   The refinishing of the boat is one of the most important improvements and one of the most difficult tasks in the whole process of maintenance. Propr refinishing will definitely have a very dramatic impact on the appearance. Exposure to the wondrous powers of paint began for most of us with a yellow and green box of crayons. More recent experience is likely to involve rollers and walls. Almost everyone has some painting experience. Whether your training is experienced or limited, if you select the right product and take a deliberate and careful approach to applying it to your boat, you are definitely certain to be happy with the results. This book by Don Casey is a perfect source of useful information - it clearly indicates what exactly is necessary to have on hand in order to be able to re-do a boat. For novices this book will be useful thanks to the amount of information, while for professionals it will be equally useful since it will help them bring their knowledge up-to-date with the latest developments in sailboat finishing. By the way, it has so many common points with another popular book by same author - This Old Boat, which we also do recommend. In short, this publication contains nearly everything the boat refinisher needs to know.

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aluminium boatbuilding
  This book written by Ernest Sims, published by Adlard Coles, has been fully dedicated to aluminum boatbuilding was prepared by Ernest Sims who has the huge experience in boat design. We think it is a truly "must" for everyone making efforts in designing and constructing their own boat from aluminum - regardless of the type. Apart from the theoretical portion, the author of this book included some practical information related to the construction of the boats. It will be very useful for the boat designers and engineers, who can consider it as a very simple-to-use and quick reference book. We do believe that one copy of this publication shall always be kept on every boatbuilder's deck. Even though this book can be used by beginners to the field of boat construction, it is mostly aimed to be used  by people having at least some boatbuilding experience since it will be much easier for them to understand the material provided. In any case, regardless of who is using this book, the information compiled by the author and practical examples included in it made this publication very valuable and world popular. Every boatbuilder will definitely find something inside and will benefit from using this book. 

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this old boat
   In Herman Wouks wonderful Caribbean escape novel Don't Stop the Carnival there is a rogue character who describes himself as "just an old truth teller." I like that. It is a self-assessment worth living up to. The current truth about boating is that it gets harder to afford from year to year. In the nearly twenty years since This Old Boat was originally published, the waterways and shorelines have gotten markedly less boat friendly (unless you are lucky to own a megayacht). Do-it-yourself boatyards continue to give way to condominium developments. Marinas have succumbed to the immediate return of converting to high-priced dockominiums. Both gasoline and diesel fuel have increased from less than SI per gallon to more than $4. The price of a new offshore 35-foot sailboat has risen from an already astonishing S100,000 plus in 1991 to an astronomical $300,000 plus today and still rising. The cost of insurance also rising. Storage costs are up. Haulout costs are up. What bought a gallon of bottom paint in the '90s buys a quart today. Hell, even the cost of this book has increased (but not so much)... The author himself combines about thirty years of sailing experience, an excellent sense of humor and a perfect writing style to deliver reliable and simple advice to the boaters.

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The Complete Guide to Trailering Your Boat
   The present Guide has been released by The Trailer Boats magazine and tells us about the basic and most effectively tow, launch, retrieve and store your boat. The book starts with the introduction parts (providing some very basic induction) followed by some useful and practical advices on how to choose the right vehicle for yourself, since this step is extremely important. The titles of the other parts are as follows - trailer hitches - choosing and equipping your trailer - the art of towing - launching and retrieving your boat - trailering sailboats - maintenance. Two appendices at the last part of the book address the suppliers and resources for trailering laws in USA and Canada. Of course, the day when you become a boat owner can definitely be one of the most exciting and gratifying days in your life since the boats give people the well-being and a sense of freedom and do that in a was that very few other possessions can do. They enable people to escape from the pressure we experience every day. However, owning a boat is not only feeling well and joy - you will have to take some new responsibilities and sometimes have to make quite tough decisions. This is what this book is intended to help you with...

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build the new instant boats
   And here comes the perfect and so easy to follow an understand guidance to building boats for amateurs. This book has become world popular among boatbuilders as a result of the simple and straightforward way of explanation. The authors of the publication presented all information using a tack-and-tape method as well the framing method, which is more conventional. There are so many people who have managed to build the boats using the designs, techniques and data provided on the pages of this publication. The duet of authors consisting of the professional boatbuilder Harold Payson and professional designer Phil Bolger created a perfect reference source. the secret of the success of this book was the proper combination of the boatbuilding genius and excellent writing style of Payson with the amazing designs prepared by Bolger. The general technical knowledge and a huge number of construction plans and drawings allows the boatbuilding enthusiasts to construct nearly everything from a regular six-foot boat to a twenty-five-foot classic schooner. The book is written having the newcomer in mind, that is why the authors preferred not to go too deep into technical information - all the construction methods presented there are fool-proof, practical and easy to implement.​

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how to read a nautical chart
   Well, the title is quite self-explanatory. This small yet very useful publication was released with the final intention to be used by people as a quick reference source - it is, in fact, the on-board guide to the basic symbols and notations that are used on the various nautical charts. We all know that the nautical charts contain a huge amount of useful information but it is very important to know how to decipher them, otherwise the charts are next to useless pieces of paper. In order for the chart to get bewildering, a key is to be found to its symbology. This nice and helpful booklet was prepared by Nigel Calder, who is one of the most respected boating authors of today, and he did his best to help readers make sense the very complex system of graphic elements and signs used on the nautical charts. We would definitely recommend this publication for practical use because it is so compact yet very rich with useful information. At the same time, it will be very good for people who are not intending to go to the sea and use it right now, but rather need some simple and small book to get familiarized with the nautical signs and graphs in order to be able to use the nautical charts when they are finally on board the vessel.

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boatowners illustrated electrical handbook
   Many of us have at least some familiarity with the electrical wiring maters. For instance, when we make minor repairs at home, say to a switch or receptacle, or replace the failed ones. Some people may feel quite secure in extending a circuit or adding a new one, and they may even be able conduct wiring in the entire house is a safe and effective manner. We are able to do so thanks to the NEC (standing for the National Electric Code) and because so many useful books have been prepared and released for both the novices and the professionals. However, unfortunately, a boat is not a house at all - and this fact still escapes all too many boatyards. This publication is truly perfect for learning everything related to the electrical system of your boat and of the way the equipment on board works. It shall be treated as the invaluable guidance when adding the new equipment pieces to what is already existing on the boat. It has to form a part of the library of every boater serving as the ready reference source teaching how to make effective maintenance, repairs and modifications that would comply with the recognized ABYC standards. Though the publication is technical, it is still very easy to read and understand. You will also get to know how to install the wind- and solar-power systems properly, and how to protect the electrical systems of your boat from corrosion...

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The Cruising Multihull
   Chris White wrote the book which we are now presenting to your attention, with the intention to supply readers with the very latest info on the design and construction matters, rigs and safety, seamanship techniques and all other issues related to the multihull cruising. It will definitely assist people in determining whether the multihull is the right choice for them. And the main objective of the book, of course, was to tell readers how to take maximum from their boats. The publication provides an extremely thorough survey of the modern multihull boats. The amount of the material included in the book, and its quality, make it equally valuable to the strangers to such boats, and to the professionals in cruising the multihulls. We enthusiastically recommend it to both categories of boaters. Though it was written and released some time ago, the actual physics of sailing the multihull boat remains unchanged. In addition, there have no changes been made in the construction materials happen during the past decades - same glass, carbon, epoxy, wood, foam and polyester are being used today. That is why we insist that this book did not lose even a smallest part of its topicality and highly recommend it for use.

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The elements of boat strength for builders, designers and owners
First of all, we want to emphasize that the present publication was not written specifically for the professionals of boatbuilding who are looking for the very latest arcane developments in the field of structural engineering; we would better say that it was prepared and released for the average boatbuilders (amateur or professional) - mechanics, marine surveyors, serious yachtsmen, and naval architects will also find it useful. It is intended to serve as the very easy-to-use source of information, dealing with the important calculations one has to perform in order to determine the final reliable scantlings for the boat. It definitely makes sense to spend some tome studying the new data tables and graphics; however, do not worry - all the calculations contained within this book can be quite easily performed by any person having some basic understanding of math and every formula can be solved using an inexpensive, student-grade scientific calculator. It shall be noted that this book was the first one to include the structural strength assessment method in the context of modern marine environment. It is the very definitive reference book covering nearly every aspect of boat strength; it is also considered one of the best layman's guides available today.
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basic keelboat
   Sails are a boat's engine, and they produce power in one or two ways. If there is a wind coming from the side, it flows around both sides of the sail thus creating lift "pulling" the boat forward. Should the wind be coming is coming from behind, it "pushes" against the sail and simply shoves the boat forward. This belongs to the Keelboat series by US Sailing and covers the basic skills and terminology that are required in order to skipper a keelboat in a responsible manner. The authors broke down the manoeuvers in a very understandable and simple way. The publication is popular in the sailing schools all around the country as the introductory textbook because of the easy-to-understand approach. Of course, it is aimed mostly to the newcomers; however, it will be useful even for the people having strong skills, since they still find there the information to fill in some gaps of their knowledge. We all know that the fastest way to learn something is to learn from the professionals. This book will give the readers anything they need to know for the very first sailing. The text is truly outstanding. Some people say that in fact sailing is like chess, i.e. quite easy to learn and so difficult to master...
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boat-building and boating

   This is a classic and very rare book. It was first published more than a century ago, in 1911, and the original intention of the author was to help the kids construct small crafts that ranged in size from a houseboat to a log raft, Taking into account the average age of the assumed audience, it is quite understandable that the author could only use the most basic of technical skills from potential "boatbuilders", and his plans and directions which resulted from this approach, have become a real classic in the schools of so-called "quick & dirty" boat building. This book will be ideal for the rafts and some basic crafts or any other similar structures. We would recommend all boat builders of the future shall to consider this book as the first primer due to very simple and easy-to-understand explanations of the various techniques. This small volume even includes some basic information on sailing and nautical safety, seamanship techniques, rigging of a small boat and a handy guide to knot splicing for nearly any harbor or nautical situation. The building directions provided in this book include ones for war canoe, folding canoe, rowing rafts, slab and dugout canoes, canvas canoe and several other types of boats. 

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be your own sailing coach

   This guide to sailboat racing is unique - it shows the reader how to set their sailing goals properly, and then breaks them into some sort of mini-goals, more manageable but still stretching. It was prepared by Jon Emmett who is the veteran sailing coach. In his book Emmet tried to explain how any person can improve his sailing techniques in a number of manageable stages. Apart from theory, there are many practical tips and wisdom, shared by the Olympic champions, including Joe Glanfield and Paud Goodison. Each of the twenty chapters of this book contains some useful exercises. Use this book and it will help you to get to the very front of the fleet, regardless of whether your aim is to be a winner at open, club, national or even international level. Again, the main objective of the book is to make you discover how to set the goals and create the practical and reasonable action plans to get those goals achieved. Of course, it contains perfectly detailed analysis of the key sailing techniques with a step-by-step guidance on improving the particular sailing skill according to the reader's own objectives. We would treat this book as the excellent first time resource for the newcomers or club racers.

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Practical navigation for modern boat owner

   Here is the complete reference to the navigation suitable for both beginners and experts. The book will lead the reader through all practical aspects of navigation in a very logical manner. The author has used a truly unique combination of traditional and modern technical disciplines. As a result, the readers do not experience any lack in knowledge and will get to know how to operate their boats safely. You will find all necessary basic information inside. That is why we would consider this book as the good training source at the very first stage, i.e. before you proceed to the actual on-the-job training, The material provided in this publication will make you get some basics and understand what that is all about. As it was mentioned by one of the reviewers, this publication is another piece of a very large puzzle, and this is actually how it shall be treated. The popularity of the book is the result of the effort and time spent by the author. Some practical tips provided inside, may also be useful not only to the novices but even to the professional and experienced navigators. It is a very useful practical companion for the sailors of today preparing to navigate through the seas since it explains both traditional and electronic methods of navigation.

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boat mechanical systems handbook

   Well, this is one of the most popular and recommended books on boat mechanical systems. Written by one of the recognized and world popular experts, Dave Gerr, it has proven to be extremely useful and practical to the millions of readers. The text is very clear and easy to understand. They say that the present publication is the best one of all Gerr's books. There are so many books available today on the subject matter, but, unfortunately, big part of them concentrate on the lofty and fairly impractical theories; but the author of this book did his best to grill down to the true and tried solutions - in addition to that, he clearly explains why these principles have to be followed, supplementing the theory with some practical stories. It is a truly amazing book treated as the Bible for the home boat designers and builders due to the wide range of they key boat systems covered, including tanks, steering, exhaust systems etc. - and all of them have been detailed to a level you will not find in any other similar publication. The images and drawings contained in the book make the reading very interesting, and the experiences included to supplement the technical data, turn this book into a solid reference source.

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