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Commercial Management for Shipmasters

   The Masters of the ships carry the huge responsibility. While in the distant past their vessels were relatively small-sized and could only carry some limited amounts of cargo, nowadays the Masters are in command of the passenger vessels, VLCCs, large container ships, Panamax-size bulk carriers controlling huge capital assists with the cargoes worth dozens of millions. Such responsibility assumes great importance as the today's community demands much higher standards and, consequently, the P&I Clubs make the larger provision for the liability insurance. The Masters have a crucial role in managing the risks associated with the marine transportation. In order to be effective as commercial managers, the Masters shall have a thorough knowledge of the trading terminology and detailed appreciation of all provisions that are expressed and also implied in the shipping contracts; in addition, they shall be confident during the communications with the contracting parties in order for the best results to be achiever for their companies. For sure, today the job of the Master is much more complicated that it used to be say a decade back. While the modern communication equipment allows much quicker information exchange, this enables the shipping companies to control their subcontractors in new ways. This often results in the Master having to handle quite a complex relationships and making decisions relating to the conflicts of interest to support the owners...

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Commercial Management in Shipping

   This is one of the most popular books on commercial shipping. The author of this volume tried to achieve the three main objectives, namely the competent handling of shipping contracts, accurate calculation of the transportation costs and effective commercial communication. It has been recognized and proven useful as a very handy reference tool and a sort of guide bridging the gap that is there in the knowledge between the office personnel and the ship's crew. It will be equally useful when used for education or as a reference book for everyday work. Should you face a problem, just check the index and the chapters of the book and we are sure that you will find some explanation. The volume opens with a review of the basic shipping terms and ship characteristics, and then the author proceeds to the optimization of cargo capacity. The following chapters address the costs of voyage, liquid cargo measurement, draft survey of the dry cargo, bunker management, finance planning applied to shipping, computerization and other important aspects of commercial shipping. Two separate chapters have been specifically dedicated to the bills of lading and charter parties. And, finally, the last one addresses the disputes. Apart from the theoretical part, the publication is full of real practical advice adding to its value as a reference source. In addition, there is some supplementary information included in the appendices, e.g. terminology used in charter parties, abbreviations, sample calculations, guidelines for invoicing and other useful information.

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Economics of Shipping Practice and Management
   This is the second, updated and revised, edition of the textbook sold in nearly every country of the world and recognized by many of the industry professionals as the standard reference book on the subject - it is appropriate that it should actually be published at a time of changes happening to the international maritime industry today. The present release of the book reflects all such changes and also places the emphasis of the required professional approach in all fields of marine practice and shipping management with the intention to provide the service of highest possible quality that is, in turn, required to sustain and further expand the international trade. The textbook shall also be considered ideal to the people who are mployed in shipping companies, both afloat and ashore, as well as to the students who are planning to take the shipping, international trade, export and other relevant examinations. We would treat it as a sort of aide-memoire to the participants of the shipping industry all over the world. It is very good reference source for the readers who are trying to improve their knowledge of the basic elements of shipping practice as well as the management. The subject of the book is mainly treated in a very practical way, that provides the readers with an overall understanding of the shipping industry economics.

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Judicial Sales of Ships

   Nowadays, the maritime transport plays a truly dominant role in the international trade, serving it and significantly contributing to it's development. More than ninety percent f the traded goods are transported by means of vessels, making these vessels an essential asset, one of the fundamental ones for the global commerce. Merchant ships are becoming more and more complex to meet the increasing demands of the world economy. This work by Lief Bleyen is focusing on a very specific aspect of maritime claim enforcement - judicial sales of ships, as it is stated in the title. This is a procedure that the creditors commonly resort to in the cases of the irreversible default situations. A significant portion of this volume approaches the above mentioned topic from a comparative perspective, and the main goal is the assessment of the existing differences and similarities of this procedure between the jurisdictions of Belgium, England & Wales, and the Netherlands. In the present volume, the comparison is used by the author to conduct the further analysis of the potential impacts these differences might have on the reliability and effectiveness of the sale procedure in each of the named jurisdiction, forming the basis for the assessment of the feasibility of harmonizing procedures as well as fostering the acceptance of these procedures...

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Shipping and Logistics Management
   The original declared intention of the authors of this publication was to release a volume in which the most important global trends and strategies employed in the maritime industry would be discussed. They have also done their best to answer some of the key questions relating to the shipping cost structures, patterns of the sea transport, and operation of the shipping companies. We are sure that the book shall be treated as the invaluable source of relevant information for the advanced students as well as researchers. The publication has been arranged in four main parts; the first four chapters of the book give some general overview of the today's shipping business, while the next four chapters are dedicated to the various shipping operations, and they are followed by another four chapters relating to the intermodal transport. The last four chapters of the book mainly focus on the shipping port management. In their publication, the authors have consolidated selected - most relevant and significant - research findings and hope that all readers will find their work very informative and interesting, providing all necessary info on the very latest developments in the shipping and logistics management. Take a look in the book and you will not be disappointed.

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bes chartering and shipping terms

   The latest eleventh edition of the world famous Glossary. The huge success of this publication within the international shipping industry has finally resulted in several releases; note, however, that the book will be equally interesting and useful even to the people not directly involved in shipping. Several generations of seamen has got their first understanding of the industry through this volume - the book is covering all shipping-related activities and has been prepared using a very understandable language, and such approach has resulted in the book being so user-friendly and thus popular. It is aimed to both professionals of the shipping industry an newcomers since it illuminates the obscure and clarifies all the technicalities, helping to properly describe the legal background to numerous important aspects of the maritime business. That is why we all now possess a great educational tool that shall be definitely treated as the indispensable guidance and useful source of reference for all people dealing with the activities connected with the shipping. We really do believe that thie present release of the Glossary will for sure have the same acclaim as the initial edition of the publication, and will provide a significant contribution to a much better understanding of the shipping industry, assist in establishing and maintaining of the good marine practices.

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chartering terms

   This is a truly useful and remarkable publication for every person involved in shipping. The author, Kevin Stephens from PPG, standing for the Project Professionals Group, did a huge work - he managed to collect hundreds of the important and necessary chartering terms and provide proper and understandable explanations for all of them. We would strongly recommend this book to everyone dealing with such specific terminology in their day-to-day work, operations or correspondence; it is really a must-have reference publication for such sort of professionals. All shipping and chartering terms are arranged in alphabetical order for easier reference. Subject book will be equally useful for the industry professionals in the field of marine business and economics, ship operation and management, marine insurance and law, and to the people studying the subject disciplines in universities to use in their future career. It is indeed one of the best collections of general shipping and chartering terms and abbreviations available today. Since the file containing the Glossary is small file, it should not be a problem to get it transferred to you mobile device and have it readily available whenever necessary.

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Port Management

   The present publication mainly consists of the most actual and interesting technical articles dedicated to the shipping ports, that have been published in MEL (Maritime Economics and Logistics) since the inception of this magazine in 1999. The selection was not easy but, as a result, all of the chapters of the book have broken completely new ground in the way people look at ports, their performance and governance. Hopefully, this book will be able to serve as a very good addition to any graduate classroom or maritime bookshelf. The author of this book has brought together a huge collection of seminar documents and made a very dynamic volume that contains valuable contributions from the world recognized and leading professional authors with different backgrounds - this allowed to represent a truly vast regional diversity. The book provides readers with the timely and authoritative investigations into the most important topics in port economics. It includes some excellent researches on port networks and global supply chains, infrastructure of the shipping ports, choice modeling ant port pricing, competition and efficiency matters. We would say this is an essential reading for the shipping industry professionals as well as for researchers interested in this field, and of course for scholars.  

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A Laymans Guide To Laytime

   A publication with quite self-explanatory title and dedicated to the laytime. The book starts with some preamble providing the definition of the laytime; and the opening chapter telling readers about the fixture recap. The other chapters of the publication deal with the Gencom 1994 Charter party (including several clauses on separate/total laytime, prior time etc.), notice of readiness - its definition, explanation where it shall be tendered, some additional practical info on the acceptance/rejection of this notice, statements of facts - including relevant general information and some examples of remarks done on these statements, explain how to work out the laytime - covering fixed and calculated laytime, calculation of the laytime - what documents are required, relevant Charter Party and other information, various BIMCO definitions - explaining WP/WWD/WWD of 24CH and legal changes, shifting time roads and berths, as well as shifting hatch covers, demurrage, strike clause, ice clause, half despatch, turntime, detention and liner terms, some stories shedding light on the issue. and a number of enclosures with some supplementary information and documents to be used.

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HBSA Handbook on Ship Finance

   The initial intention of the authors of this publication was to present numerous fresh ideas as well as some new concepts to the shipping community. It shall not be considered a textbook or a sort of collection of relevant documents reflecting purely academic professional views but should rather be treated as a compendium of viewpoints of the world recognized experts and solutions proposed by specialists and "decision makers" who are trying to tackle the today's market and complicated financial conditions. All subjects and topics included in the book are demonstrating the innovative character of theory efforts. Note, however, that this title is not actually intended solely for graduate students and it aims some of the professional needs of the maritime industry participants dealing with the puzzles of financing shipping activities, either as borrowers, lenders or advisors, on the daily basis. The readers, therefore, are expected to possess some basic fundamental knowledge of the subject to be able to fully understand the texts contained in the book and get the full use of them. Today, the ship finance is still a new field advancing the current situation in this field - theory and practice is still quite far from settled, but it is dynamically evolving.​

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Port Economics

   This book presents a study of various economic decisions together with their consequences of the providers and users of shipping port services. Port users include shippers, passengers, and carriers. Port, or terminal, operators will be the primary service providers; other service providers include, for example, ship agents, customs brokers, ship pilots, stevedores, freight forwarders. Maritime economics itself consists of port and shipping economics. This book is an introduction to port economics. Although this is only a textbook, it is still expected to be useful in maritime research, to port users and service-provider decision makers, and to those of the general public who are interested in port issues. In 1984,1 and two other business professors established the center, Maritime, Trade and Transport (MTT), at Old Dominion University. Given that Norfolk, Virginia has one of the largest container ports on the east Coast of the United States, the main mission is to perform high-quality maritime researches in order to promote the Port of Virginia and international trade in the region. Prior to 1984, although a transportation economist. I was not a student of maritime economics. However, MTT provided the author with the opportunity to become knowledgeable in the subject. In 1986, MTT was renamed the Virginia Center for World Trade and established as an economic development agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia...

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Maritime Commerce and Security - The Indian Ocean

   The authors of this publication have made an excellent attempt to describe the major commercial trends, together with all associated security implications with the aim to assist all policy makers plus the people from outside of the shipping industry in understanding all vulnerabilities of the industry central to the global economy and security. The maritime commerce of today in the geographical areas addressed in this volume, i.e. in the Indian Ocean, is considered vital to the global trade - both in volume and in the critically important resources and goods it moves. The significance of the East-Asian and Indian, Australian and South African economies that are steadily growing, shall also be considered, as necessary. It should also be taken into account that, the economic shocks that occurred in the past several years and resulted in the downturn in the trade volumes, have added even more uncertainty about the future destiny of the investments being made. Nowadays, the relationship between two main factors, i.e. security and commerce - may be presented in numerous forms. The present report is actually a treasury of the research and logical analysis, that have been compiled in a very user-friendly and readable volume.

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Voyage Charters

   The publication has been already widely recognized as one of the leading authorities on voyage charters and is currently treated as the most comprehensive and remarkably intellectually-rigorous analysis of the subject area - it is cited by arbitrators and in court on quite regular basis and shall definitely be considered as the excellent to-go guidance for disputing and drafting the charter party contracts. The book is intended to provide readers with the thorough clause-to-clause analysis of the two charter party forms, namely the Asbatakvoy form and the Gencon standard charter party. The authors also deliver treatment of Hague and Hague-Visby Rules, and of COGSA, together with the good comparative analysis if English and US law; the boo also contains a detailed section dedicated to the arbitration awards. This is the fourth edition of the book - note that it is the only book dealing specifically with the subject key area of maritime law and containing wealth of duly updated arbitrations and case law, conflict of laws and other important aspects. The publication is very user-friendly and this feature makes it accessible not only to maritime lawyers but also the other professionals of the shipping industry - we would recommend to treat this textbook as a practical guidance for all shipping law practitioners and students studying maritime law.

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Time Charters

   This publication has been initially acclaimed as the reference source addressing the law related to the time charters - the present latest edition of the book provides all readers with a remarkably comprehensive treatment of the subject presented in a very accessible way that made the book so useful and popular among maritime lawyers and ship owners as well as charterers, insurers and other involved parties. The book covers both US and English law and has been significantly updated with all major decisions since the previous releases. Here are some of the English law decisions that have been covered - The Kos, The Kyla, The Captain Stefanos, The Athena, The Kildare, The Wren, The Silver Constellation, The Lehmann Timber and others; while the US law decisions addressed are The Athos I, The M/V Samho Dream and some others. Definitely valuable must-have source for every maritime lawyer. Errata file is also included in the pack. In this release of the publication the material has been reordered and rewritten to bring it in line with the intention of the authors to make it easily accessible and understandable not only to the professional maritime lawyers. The authors were trying to present the maritime law in the subject area in a manner which would help people engaged in chartering and operating vessels...

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Bills of Lading and Bankers Documentary Credits

   Here is the fourth edition of the world popular publication providing a straightforward guidance to the complexities and most important nuances of deals that are done under the documentary credit system and describing the law that applies to this subject. So many new forms of trade and associated documents have been forces since the very first edition of this book was released in 1990. There has been so much development in the maritime law since that time. In fact, today the problems are not the same as they were at the time of the initial release of this publication. We can say that nowadays the documentary system itself is in the sort of crisis and is actually losing the popularity when compared to the other payment forms. For the present release of the book the author has tried to take a lesson from UCP 600 and remove the material not necessary. This has resulted in the removal of most of the long quotations from judgments and inclusion of the full UCP test together with some statutory information into appendices. The entire book has also been restructured and is not a bit longer that the previous release. The book now is primarily dedicated to the documentary credits and associated documentation so the author did his best not to stray far from the main topic.

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Freight Forwarding and Multi Modal Transport Contracts

   The second release of this truly comprehensive guidance to the maritime law in particular relation to the contract forms/terms that are developed by the ship operators and trade associations as well as various international bodies, e.g. UN (United Nations), and that are considered a basis for various trading conditions by the logistics suppliers and freight forwarders, container operators plus operators of the combined/multi-modal transport. The original intention of the author of the book was to examine the very latest editions of contract terms and forms where their subject is the procurement/supply of multi-modal carriage, and also in the cases where there directly relating to the utilization of the combined transportation equipment, such as containers. In addition to that, thorough research and examination have been performed of the very latest releases of the above mentioned conditions that are used by the principal container and multi-modal transport operators, logistics and forwarding professionals in United Kingdom. We do recommend this reference source to everyone involved in the maritime law issues and not only to the professional lawyers but also to all other participants of the shipping industry, especially taking into account the amount and importance of the information provided.​

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Export-Import Procedures and Documentation

   Nowadays, the details of the international trade including shipping is growing very complex from year to year - what it actually means is that even the proven industry professionals may sometimes need guidance. The present guidance book was released to supply readers with a clear view of the whole import and export processes and explain all important ins and outs of the international trade as well as the associated insurance matters. The content of the publication is covering such the important aspects of the business as the  organization of the import and export operations, various documentation and processes relating to the exporting, preliminary considerations, sales and other export documents, export licenses and controls,, importing - associated documentation and procedures, preliminary considerations, purchase documentation, import documentation and process, global customs considerations; the readers will also get to know how to determine the proper classification of a particular product, its proper value to be declared and proper country of origin; moreover, specialized importing and exporting are also addressed together with the Incoterms diagram and ISA, i.e. International Sales Agreement; the last chapter of the publication provides users with some of the most popular export and import related internet resources.

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The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business

   In the several years that have passed since the times when the first Handbook was released, everyone has noticed numerous events that impacted the shipping markets. The present release of the Handbook contains numerous chapters covering such the important aspects of the maritime economics and business as the business during the XXI century, globalization-related issues, patterns of the international shipping, energy economics, shipping freight markets, shipping market cycles, modal split functions, recreation of the profit/loss of voyages conducted in the very distant past, a brief overview of the today's dry bulk shipping industry, short sea shipping, the tanker marker, its structure and associated economic analysis, co-operation and competition in liner shipping, the evolution of the global supply chain management plus the response of the liner shipping companies. There is a separate part that has been dedicated solely to the vessel safety and pollution from ships, covering economic measures for air pollution control, accident analysis etc. The other chapters address shipping operationa and management, shipping investments, finance and strategy, port economics and various important management aspects of the international logistics, information technology in logistics and shipping business, and others. The book has been influenced by the events that occurred in the early XXI century...

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Reeds 21st Century Ship Management

   An excellent introduction to the activities relating to the ship management. Take some time going through the material presented in this publication and you will for sure have much better understanding of the shipping industry and its impact on the other areas. The author of the book mainly addressed the major demands of the contemporary ship management with the main focus made on the people managing the ships as well as theory and practice of the management. It was very important for the author to change the content and arrangement of the subject matter; the intention was not to make the book same as all other publication but rather to engage the users and ask them some questions - to make them able to evaluate how the shipping companies operate and compare with what is stated in the book. Of course, none of the books available at the market today can provide a perfect answers to all the questions; however, this one aims to encourage all ship managers to question how the SMS, i.e. safety management system, of their shipping company operates and see whether there is any room for improvement. It goes without saying that the main aspect of the ship management process is the involved personnel - they all must very clearly understand ship management model employed by the company and apply it properly.

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Commercial Shipping Handbook
   Here is one of the most invaluable reference tools aimed at anyone involved in shipping industry and international trade. The book provides all information necessary to make a first step towards proper understanding the whole process of transportation of the goods by sea and of the associated framework. It provides quite concise yet comprehensive explanations of numerous types of activities comprising the shipping, and explains the terms together with their interrelation. Among the topics covered within this publication there are documentation used in the shipping industry, such as the charter party and the bill of lading - you will know what these documents contain and see their different types, supplemented with the examples; the book also covers generic types of vessels, goods, containers and sea ports, as well as required details of the most important maritime associations considered prominent in policy making and drafting of contracts - some brief explanation of their main objectives is also there; in addition, it covers the additional costs and surcharges that are usually found in shipping - and liner shipping, in particular. The chartering terms are also dealt with, including explanation of their context, plus the clauses that appears in BOL, time charters and voyage charters. More than a thousand of commercial shipping terms are discusses in the pages of the handbook.

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Gard Guidance on Bills of Lading
   An excellent and very useful guidance prepared and officially released by GARD professionals with the purpose to serve as a handy and practical reference tool to be used to assist the Master of the ship in avoiding various problems and pitfalls. It is also hoped that the other readers, i.e. not necessarily ship Masters, will find the publication useful. The book has been written using a very simple language and clear terminology to make it reader-friendly even for the people who are not native speakers of English language. The present guidance is intended to explain what exactly a bill of lading can and what this document is used for, the Master's obligation in connection with the bills of lading, and also various consequences of things done wrong, what should be done or considered before signing such document or authorizing someone else to sign, how exactly delivery against BOL shall be made and how to deal with the problems that may possibly arise. The theoretical part of the book is supplemented with the examples for better understanding. The authors have tried to make the structure of the publication as logical and practical, as possible. The guidance provided to the readers of the booklet is mainly based on English law; however, in the cases where other laws apply, different guidance might be applicable.  

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Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management
   The publication of this book is timely - at the time of writing we are in the midst of very troubled times for the dry-bulk shipping markets. Falling demand for dry commodities, an oversupply of ships and a freeze in credit have seen daily hire rates for bulk carriers drop from all-time highs to near all-time lows within the space of a few months. From freight rates to bunker prices, credit risk to asset values, the financial risks faced by shipping market participants are significant. The book provides readers with a proper understanding of the measurement process and on how to manage the volatility of the freight rate; the information in the book will also let the reader explore the options that are available to the professionals of the shipping industry. The authors have made a brilliant compilation of the thorough investigation of the markets conducted y the recognized experts. That is why this volume is a must-have for both practitioners and researchers. Their efforts resulted in a truly unique publication combining both theoretical and practical aspects or the risk management, the readers who have gone through the material included in the book will get some essential knowledge of risk assessment and be enabled to understand all major freight derivatives tools.

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Shipping company strategies
   The maritime industry of today is special and very fascinating. We consider it special because of the global nature of the industry, as well as huge investments required and highly cyclical markets - moreover, because of the unique competitive structure of the industry with so many determined players participating. From the other side, it is very fascinating because the fortunes and made - and sometimes lost - at a very fast pace. The present publication is the outcome of the several forces that shaped the interest of the author in shipping companies and their business strategies. The rationale for this volume would be the proper understanding of the success of global shipping companies. That is why t is directly relevant to the people active in the shipping industry. The book also provides the information on how to manage in today's face of global turbulence. Such understanding will be the key not only for the industry executives but also to the professionals from the other corporations and industries. The book is arranged in six chapters - first one sets out key strategic challenges of a shipping company, while in the second chapter we discuss the commodity-based strategies. The next chapters are discussing the moves toward niche strategies and the overall portfolio strategies, several organizational issues and, finally, the last chapter is dealing with the ownership side, making emphasis on the benefits that shipping company can make from being public...

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The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics
   Here is a remarkably comprehensive publication that may serve as an excellent contribution to the literature relating to the maritime economics - it shall definitely be treated as the standard reference in the shipping industry. The publication provides readers with a good in-depth coverage of the whole scope of important issued related to the shipping industry and port economics. The key features of it would include a truly unprecedented survey of maritime economics performed by the author covering the majority of the items involves, thorough examinations offering an updated study of the industry including all important aspects of maritime industry, logistics issues, port maintenance and management, as well as interesting discussions on the security of ships and ports and, of course, typical problems connected with the environment protection. The book presents some original theories related to the maritime carriers and shipping ports, and features very valuable contributions from the most recognized and respected international professionals. The first part of the book is introductory while the other three parts cover maritime carriers and markets, ship economics, shipping economics and, finally, port economics.

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business and law for shipmaster
  This is a truly excellent reference book that covers all important aspects of the maritime business and law, including registration and classification issues, crewing matters, transportation of passengers and cargo, marine insurance, and so much more. And, what is the most important, it has been specifically designed and released for the shipmasters. The authors note that the readers of this publication shall clearly understand that it has not been prepared by the professional maritime lawyer and that is why it should not actually be intended for students studying law and possessing a full range of good textbooks. The chapters of the book provide necessary information about the maritime law, the ships, master and crew members, liens, contracts, log books, protests and other relevant records, safety and seaworthiness of the vessel, public welfare, accommodation and provisions/water, carriage and delivery of cargo, passenger transportation, arrival and departure procedures, pilotage and towage, lichterage issues, marine insurance, average, lighthouses, limitation of liability and others, In addition, there is a Glossary of Terms, List of Abbreviations and some relevant calculations. The main body of the textbook is supplemented with the major Acts and Clauses.
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