Catering with Care

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Wherever people are, they all have to eat, and you as a caterer have a task of feeding them. It is the aim of the present training video to ensure that the food you produce, prepare and serve is not only attractive and appetizing but also safe and clean. In fact, the caterer is handling a time bomb which could explode at any moment.

Some people have low standards of personal hygiene and this may eventually have quite serious negative consequences if such people get involved in preparation of the food at any given stage, or serving it. In short, the main idea of the authors of this video film was to demonstrate the importance of hygiene and all other matter directly affecting the quality of the prepared food from the safety and cleanliness point of view.

We all understand how critical it can be for the crew members consuming the food not meeting the applicable standards. Different sorts of diseases and poisoning is obviously not what you would want to happen on board you ship. Where food is concerned, what might seem innocent enough, can be potentially lethal. Use this video as a supplementary material for the training you have on board. Though it is not dealing directly with ships, the main thesis are same everywhere and shall be paid close attention.

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