Chinas Strategic Interests in the South China Sea

Author(s)                 Sigfrido Burgos Caceres
Publisher Routledge
Date 2013
Pages 178
Format pdf
Size 1.7 Mb

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   The author of this document examines the major strategic interests of China in the South China Sea region, focusing on the power projection and security of the resources. Of course, China is pursuing other interests; however, in order to make the publication an easily manageable endeavor the author has discussed mainly the topics relating to the resources and power making necessary connections to such important areas as economics, national security and others. He has also taken quite close look at how exactly the dynamics in those multi-dimensional domains are affecting the drafting of the strategies as well as policy-making and also addresses the influence they could have state actions. The book starts with the introduction covering the assessment of the PRC's internal and external dynamics and understanding of their global search, plus touching the oil security matters. The second part of the document contains the country-specific case studies from Japan, US, Vietnam and the Philippines. Finally, the last part of the book deals with the resource security and also the power projection. The list of abbreviations and acronyms used throughout the work is there, as well. A definitely useful publication for anyone involved in the shipping industry and with general interest in geopolitics.

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