Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail

Author(s)                 Sam Jefferson
Publisher Adlard Coles
Date 2014
Pages 240
Format epub
Size 11.5 Mb

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   At the times of commercial maritime shipping, the clippers were treated as the truly ultimate expression of grace and speed. There raced out to American and Australian continents at the record speeds and transporting the tea from China - their performance was perfectly combined with their beauty. This publication is intended to provide the interested readers with the insight to the clippers are with more than two hundred colorful paintings and informative illustrations together with the thrilling and fascinating descriptions of the sea adventures and races. The content of the publication includes the very origins of the clipper ships, great China tea-race, the famous long ocean voyage of the "Cutty Sark" clipper, and many other amazing and glorious pages of the clippers history. The book features the firsthand accounts, real ship log entries, reports from the newspapers of that time and other details allowing readers make a clear and full picture and making this title an excellent and truly wonderful reading presenting readers with the fantastic collection of the stories of many sailing vessels and sea voyages. The huge amount of interesting facts and images of the book by Sam Jefferson is definitely impressive and difficult to be found in any other publication on the same subject.

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