Concrete in the Marine Environment

Author(s)                  P. Kumar Mehta
Publisher CRC Press
Date 1990
Pages 228
Format pdf
Size 12.4 Mb

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   This nice title shall be treated as the informative resource for everyone who need to know everything about the concrete applied in the offshore structures working in the sea-water environments since it is providing all necessary info related to these structures, chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of concrete, gives some interesting historical background of concrete commonly used in the sea-water, frequent causes of the concrete deterioration in the seawater, proper selection of construction materials, proportions for the durable concrete mixtures, repair works on various marine structures, concreting practice, and future applications of the concrete offshore. The author limited the use of specific terminology and added numerous real-life examples and also many supplementary illustrations. The concrete is deservedly considered a practical and durable material and its utilization in construction of various maritime/offshore structures is quite beneficial from economical point of view. Same applied to the reinforced concrete considered a perfect material for constructing the advanced marine structures. The present title provides crystal clear explanations of the relevant technical aspects of concrete use in building the maritime/offshore structures together with its behavior...

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