Conversation Gambits - Real English Conversation Practices

Author(s)                  Eric Keller, Sylvia T. Warner
Publisher Heinle ELT
Date 1988
Pages 96
Format pdf
Size 2.5 Mb

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   This publication has been specifically designed and published to teach the English language of both discussion and conversation. The author has tried to make a prediction of the words and frequently used phrases required for the students of English to effectively participate in the conversations. That is why this book should definitely be considered the perfect training material to be used for conversation courses. The publication is a genuine treasure trove of very useful expressions that all students would better have in their vocabulary to speak fluently. The way material is presented in the book makes the learning process very enjoyable for the students. The authors of the book have applied a so-called "lexical phrase" approach. The units that are contained in this volume are quite simple and provide a wide range of commonly used expressions that students will have to learn and memorize. Among the skills that have been covered within this publication there are expressing opinions, responding to people with sympathy and disagreeing with someone, back-channeling and others. There are some practical exercises supplementing the theory given in each of the units. The teachers who have used this book during the teaching process have already found this volume very useful and practical and consider this book a truly great grammatical resource.

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