Design Principles of Ships and Marine Structures

Author(s)                 Suresh Chandra Misra
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2015
Pages 500
Format pdf
Size 12.7 Mb

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   In the last 40 years, the author has been involved in teaching ship design and associated subjects, stability and hydrodynamics and industrial activity related to marine design. During this period, design methodology underwent tremendous changes and improvements. With the availability of high-speed computing and many sophisticated software, advanced numerical techniques are being applied to maritime design procedure at the concept design stage. The use of empirical formulations has reduced. Also, in recent years, concerns of energy consumption, environment, safety and reliability have increased. Designers are increasingly incorporating such aspects at the design stage to reduce these concerns. With increasing competition, it has become necessary to look at the effectiveness of design from the economic point of view such as project profitability and shipbuilding cost. With these varied requirements, the system design aspects in large complex products have become important and it is necessary to evaluate alternatives for each system or unit, as well as the final product. Systems engineering applications try to integrate technical, environmental or societal and economic systems, making a final complex marine platform. The management of design activities has also become increasingly important and complex, providing space for creativity and innovation. This book intends to make the reader aware oi all these aspects oi design and their integration. As the title of the book indicates, the subjects deal with the many and varied principles of design. The chapters of the book are fairly varied in nature, the intention being to focus on the importance of each of the topics covering the entire sphere of marine design. For each chapter, there are enough books written by renowned authors and the reader is advised to refer to those books if needed, to produce good design work. With the author's experience of more than 40 years in marine design applications, the book is written focussing on marine design with examples of ships wherever necessary. He believes that the principles described in this book can be applied to successful designs of any other marine structure or vehicle, the details being different in each case.

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