Drilling Engineering

Author(s)                 J. J. Azar, G. Robello Samuel
Publisher PennWell Corporation
Date 2007
Pages 401
Format pdf
Size 189.8 Mb

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   Drilling engineering is a challenging discipline in the oil patch. It goes beyond what is found in textbooks. The technological advances in the past two decades have been very significant. These advances have allowed the oil industry worldwide to economically and successfully exploit oil and gas fields that may have not been possible before. The fundamentals of fluid mechanics and solid mechanics, along with the basic scientific concepts of chemistry, form the basis of drilling engineering. The rewards and successes of drilling projects are predicated on the ability of the drilling engineer who fully understands all the engineering aspects and equipment required to drill a usable hole at the lowest dollar per foot, in vertical well drilling, or at the highest equivalent barrel of oil per foot in horizontal/multilateral well drilling. In the oil industry, it is common practice to assume that problems may be encountered during the drilling process of a well and can differ from one well to the other, even in the same area. The drilling engineer has the responsibility to be able to think beyond simply the engineering equations in combating some of these problems. He or she must anticipate drilling problems, devise solutions, and choose the best alternatives. They must be intuitive, must have common sense, and be able to think quickly and decisively. In this book, the authors have prepared illustrative examples and supplementary problems that hopefully will encourage the students to cultivate their creative thinking, develop confidence in reaching independently for what is needed to solve problems, and above all, energize their common sense to make wise decisions.

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