Dry Docking and Shipboard Maintenance - A Guide for Industry

Author(s)                 D. J. House
Publisher Routledge
Date 2015
Pages 276
Format pdf
Size 46.3 Mb

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   The shipping and clocking industries are comparable to two sides of the same coin, each side of the coin being dependent on the other for its very existence. The seafarers, within the different sectors of the marine industry, always need the experience and attributes of the shipyard and its drydocking facilities, while the docking fraternity provide the safety and security crutch to keep the ships well maintained and classed. This book by D. J. House is solely dedicated to the drydocking of vessels. The author did his best to address such the important areas as dry dock operations, types of the docks, proper procedures to follow when drydocking the ship, safety procedures, dry dock stability; in addition, docking and marine measurement terminology as well as conversion equivalents of common units are provided. Last chapters of the book cover dry dock legislation and material/steelwork management.

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