Electrical Measurement Signal Processing and Displays

Author(s)                 John G. Webster
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2003
Pages 768
Format pdf
Size 21.9 Mb

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   Below you may see the list of topics that have been covered by the authors of this publication - as you can see, the main emphasis was made by the authors on the various techniques and ways of measurement of following characteristics. The readers will get necessary technical information describing the electromagnetic variables measurement as well as the voltage and electric power measurement, understand the power factor and electric phase measurements and energy measurement. The book sheds the light on the measurement of the electrical conductivity/resistivity and charge and also on the measurements of the electric capacitance and permittivity. The issues relating to the measurements of the electric and magnetic field strength, permeability and hysteresis, inductance and immittance, Q-factor, distortion, noise and microwave measurement have also been addressed together with the signal processing, filters and modulation matters, spectrum analysis/correlation, analog-to-digital converters, computer technology and telemetry, sensor networks/communication. Among another important topics there are electromagnetic compatibility, various types of displays including LCD, plasma, cathode ray tube, light-emitting diode etc, reading and recording devices... Well-illustrated and useful source of technical information for electrical engineers.

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