Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine


Willard W. Pulkrabek
 Publisher Prentice Hall
 Date 2003
 Pages 411
 Format pdf
 Size 17.1 Mb

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This textbook is covering the fundamental technical principles and all possible applications of different types of engines. The author has put the main emphasis on the reciprocating engines. Note that both compression-ignition and spark-ignition engines have been deal with in this publication; also take into account that the readers will find relevant information on both two- and four-stroke engines. All sizes have been covered and all recent technological developments and advancements have been included. The book is a great volume for the students taking the internal combustion engine courses - the theory provided in the book has been presented in a very straightforward manner and is very adequate. Another advantage of this book is that it includes many informative examples, covering the modern types of ICE, i.e. internal combustion engines. The information is concise and the book is remarkably well-written. The students will get all necessary knowledge and understand the basic working principles of the IC engines. The volume is full of informative diagrams visualizing the text part and making the theoretical part easier for the learners to understand and remember. At the same time, the style of explanation used by the author is very simple and that is what makes this book very useful even to the undergraduates.   

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