English for the Merchant Marine

Author(s)                 Refik Akdogan
Publisher English
Date 2013
Pages 305
Format pdf
Size 48.9 Mb

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   As it is clear from the title of this book, it is mainly intended for mariners and other participants of the maritime industry who are willing to improve their maritime English skills. It is quite obvious that all people involved in any sort of shipping-related activities, such as maintenance and handling of vessels, ship management, marine surveys, port state control inspections, cargo handling, etc. - they all have to have a very good knowledge of the maritime English in order to perform their professional duties. The training material provided in this book has been divided into major parts. The first part has been named "Merchant vessels" and it addresses the general info on the ships, their construction, machinery, outfitting, safe navigation issues, classification societies etc. The second part, "Safety at sea" deals with the safety of the crew, seaworthiness of the ship, lifesaving appliances, IMO and other maritime entities. There is also a Glossary in the book, contained in its last third part and providing readers with various important forms of shipping documents, informative illustrations, instructions to be followed by the officers, recognized international standards and other information. This book will be useful to any merchant mariner or even a member of shore support team.

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