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The present welding software is specifically intended to be utilized for modeling the weld technology, to define the weld stress as well as welding deformations. The application of this program will help to reduce the number of test pieces, find the optimal conditions of fastening and the best arrangement of the weld seams. Among the welding types that can be modeled using Weld Planner there are contact welding, fillet welding, butt welding, arc welding, manual and semi-automatic welding and even laser welding. The intention of the developers was to create a program that could be used by the design and construction professionals for evaluation of the welding distortion of large welded assemblies and provide necessary recommendations for the clamping positions and sequence of welding that would minimize the distortion. As a result, this would help to solve a very complex model maintaining the acceptable accuracy level and providing insightful and timely outcome to the customers. The program has been in use for modeling welding deformations worldwide and was proven effective and reliable. It is enough fast and straightforward; another advantage of this program is the simplified representation of the material - this is possible because the analysis bases only on the shrinkage techniques. The graphical interface of the program is very intuitive.

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