Europe and the Maritime World - A Twentieth-Century History

Author(s)                 Michael B. Miller
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2012
Pages 452
Format pdf
Size 3.8 Mb

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   This book written by the Professor Michael B. Miller offers readers completely new framework for understanding globalization process which took place over the past century. The author shows how the maritime infrastructure of Europe made modern consumer and production possible, through a highly detailed analysis of the maritime ports, shipping and trading companies operating worldwide. In his publication, the author also did his best to explain how and why the ability to manage the logistics was affecting the outcome of both world wars. The publication will give reader a truly superb account of the European maritime history as well as the one of globalization, it may be treated as the very valuable addition to the scholarship on this subject as it is full of the information and debate. The volume starts with a new perspective on the globalization that took place in the historical periods of XIX-XX centuries mainly focusing on the European maritime shipping, cargo transportation, ports and trades, and also all networks linking them. One of the main objectives of this book was to conduct a thorough and deep research in the information contained in the official archives in the several countries. The book also contains the detailed discussion of the relationships between the local and global and will therefore be of interest for the historians of globalization.

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