Fighting Ships of World War II


Leo Marriott
 Publisher The Crowood Press
 Date 2004
 Pages 112
 Format pdf
 Size 53.1 Mb

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   This book sets out to describe the major warships of the great naval powers engaged in the bitter struggles of World War II. on the Allied side these comprised the fleets of Britain and the Commonwealth nations, together with the United States and France, which were ranged against the Axis navies of Germany, Italy and Japan. There were, of course, numerous other navies involved at various times but it is not possible to include a description of these forces in a book of this size. The following very brief outline of the naval war between 1939 and 1945 is intended to give a broad backdrop against which the role of the various navies and their warships can be assessed. The content of the book demonstrates the great effort made by the author trying to provide readers with all information they will require. According to the numerous positive feedbacks received from the readers from all parts of the planet, this is a really excellent source of information giving readers lots of historical and technical knowledge. The author has described all major warships of the past related to the main combatant navy fleets in the history of naval wars. The list of vessels covered within the present publication includes aircraft carriers and battleships, escort vessels and battle-cruisers, destroyers etc. Note that the submarines are also covered...

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