Finite Element Modeling for Stress Analysis

Author(s)                  Robert D. Cook
Publisher Wiley
Date 1995
Pages 336
Format pdf
Size 37.3 Mb

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   The present volume may be treated as a truly excellent guidance to all important aspects of the structural FEM, with some of the sections being dedicated to the other relevant disciplines, We would describe this book as a guide on how the FEM shall be really utilized; the author - Robert Cook - discusses the appropriate level of theory and provides readers with a lucrative and easy-to-follow instructions of the actual using of the subject method for the modeling of the real-life systems. The content of the book will be very useful for all people using the FEA, especially to the students doing their first steps in this field. The author has made a fantastic job trying to explain the element formulations and the associated limitations without going too deep into the variational calculus which would definitely make this book not too reader-friendly. For sure, every final element analysis shall be familiar with the content of the present volume, because, according to what has been pointed by the author, final element modeling in much more than just the meshing/pre-processing - it is a good numerical method to be applied for the solution. The stress analysis by means of the FEM has been discussed in detail. The publication has been written in a form of the textbook making it very accessible to all people with the interest in the FEM. 

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