First Course on Power Electronics and Drives

Author(s)                 Ned Mohan
Publisher MNPERE
Date 2003
Pages 248
Format pdf
Size 49.3 Mb

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   The book by Ned Mohan has been specifically designed having the undergraduate students in mind, who would be most likely to take one single course on the subject of the publication; the book will for sure be helpful when it is used to prepare those students for the industry. It imparts the fundamentals of the theory and also provides some sort of roadmap for further training, with the technical info contained in this book being mainly based on feedbacks that have been received from more than three hundred faculty members at various workshops. This publication includes so many interesting chapters that have been sequenced in the order allowing to maintain students' interest throughout the entire course. The students will study the structure and applications of the switch-mode PES (power electronic systems), get the info on the converters and feedback controllers, understand the practical details of implementing a power-pole, get detailed description of the diode rectifiers, magnetic concepts, PFC (power-factor-correction) circuits, controller design, various electric motor drives, thyristors, uninterruptible power supplies, utility applications of the power electronics, etc. The arrangement of the material also allows the instructors to omit some of the topics in order to concentrate on another...

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