Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering - Drilling Operations

Author(s)                 Mohd Fauzi Hamid, Wan Rosli Wan Sulaiman
Publisher UTM
Date 2014
Pages 69
Format pdf
Size 1.8 Mb

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   The official training course developed by the specialists of the Malaysian Technological University. The main content of this training course is arranged in seven major sections. The first section is purely introductory and provides students with the general information about the drilling teams and functions of the drilling engineer. The next section describes the major types of the drilling rigs, while the third section explains in detail what exactly the rotary drilling is. The remaining sections of the course are dedicated to the well control, established drilling procedure, directional drilling, and commonly experienced drilling problems. The drilling teams usually comprise of the contractor's personnel, representatives of the operating company, and service and supply companies. The main functions of the drilling engineers include preparation of the drilling programs, and working with the geologists on logging program plus with the other specialists including mud engineers, service/supply personnel, directional engineers etc. All of the drilling rigs have more or less same basic components; offshore drilling rigs may be bottom-supported, semi-submersible or fully floating. The booklet will show the readers the correct sequence of drilling operations on land and offshore, provide detailed explanations of different types of rigs and their technical features, explain the drilling process itself and give other useful information.

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