GALI Air Starter Type A17 & A27

Author(s)                 GALI Deutchland GmbH
Publisher GALI Deutchland GmbH
Date 2006
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   The air starters addressed within this official GALI release are devices generally installed as auxiliary units of the thermal motors/turbines to start them up. These starters are based on the principle of two geared rotors which are turned through the action of the air pressure. This movement is subjected to the appropriate reduction to get a determined torque at the output shaft. To this shaft the appropriate pinion is fitted and the movement thereof pulls the motor it is desired to start. This pulling action is achieved by meshing the pinion of the starter with a crown wheel usually fitted on the flywheel of the motor. The starters have internal mechanisms used to achieve the meshing and also to avoid their start-up until it has been carried out successfully. They are also provided with a device that avoids reengagement.

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