Grammar at Work for Technical Communication

Author(s)                 Don Klepp
Publisher Pearson Education
Date 2009
Pages 140
Format pdf
Size 59.1 Mb

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   This book is responding to the serious need for supplementary learning materials as well as good exercises aimed  to help all writers to enhance their grammar skills, and it is mainly focusing on the English grammar, structure of the sentence, vocabulary together with its usage, and the language mechanics, e.g. spelling/punctuation. The publication is also providing all readers with the valuable learning instructions/exercises that they could use in order to get their mastery of technical English language significantly improved. The exercises provided in the book will definitely allow readers to test their current knowledge of English and track the progress; and this, in turn, will let them determine which exactly areas need improvement. Each section begins with the review of the basic grammar rules and principles. These exercises are selected specifically for the self-study and are supplemented with the keys. It should be noted that this title is not intended to present the complete coverage of whole English grammar and for the exhaustive coverage the readers would better refer to the other publications presented at our website. In short, we do recommend the present publication to all people who are willing to improve their skills using some supplementary training materials.

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