TGE Guide for gases and chemicals
Tractebel Gas Engineering
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   The present publication was written and released by the TGE(standing for Tractebel Gas Engineering) professionals with the declared intention to provide all people who are concerned with transportation, handling and further storage of liquefied gases as well as some chemicals with all technical info that they might require in order to perform their professional duties in a safe and effective manner. It contains all main physical and thermo-dynamic properties of the above mentioned liquefied gases and chemicals presented in the diagrams and data tables. The team of authors of the handbook hopes that it will serve as a useful guidebook for those who require the basic technical information. There are thermo-dynamic properties of various liquids/gases, safety properties of these substances, diagrams presented in a half-logarithmic scale and provided with explanations and descriptions, diagrams summary and diagrams of pure substances for LNG and chemicals are also there together with the conversion factor tables. In short, this publication is recommended to any people who are directly or indirectly involved in any activities relating to the safe transporting and handling of all those substances.

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i lik this
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pls loading it file at more free source. thnks in advance
man they are both absolutely free sources
if you are still unable to download give me your email and i will send it to you
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