Handbook of Pumps and Pumping


Brian Nesbitt
 Publisher Elsevier Science
 Date 2006
 Pages 470
 Format pdf
 Size 122 Mb

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This book has been prepared by Brian Nesbitt, the recognized expert in the field and a very experienced engineer. As a result of his efforts, the publication contains valuable technical information on nearly all aspects of pump technology, including the pump classification principles, materials that the pumps are usually made of, seals, installation of the pumps, their commissioning after installation and their periodic maintenance. In addition to the information covering the areas listed above, the readers will find some essential info related to the nits, makers and suppliers all over the world - it means that you will have a unique reference source for your desk, shop or library. The descriptions of the maintenance techniques included in the book will help the readers in getting optimal performance of the pumps and in reducing the associated running and maintenance costs, and also in understanding the principle of work of the seals and couplings, as well as all other ancillary equipment in order to ensure that the systems are correctly set-up; the book also provides some useful contact details for the makers and suppliers specializing in pumping arrangements and ancillary equipment. This is a really useful publication for the personnel dealing with installation, operation, maintenance and repair of the pumps.

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