Helicopter Operations at Sea

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For vast majority of the seafarers the closest they will come to a helicopter would be only during an emergency and such dramatic cases are rare since most vessels do not encounter choppers on a regular basis or frequently. But note that there are so many locations where the helicopters are normally used for routine operations twenty-four hours a day.

Often, such tasks involve journeys to and from specialized ships, oil and gas platforms and other offshore installations, moving cargo and personnel quickly and efficiently. Thus, it is critically important for the seafarers to be fully aware of all established safe and effective working practices so that they can to apply this knowledge if necessary.

The present video is covering basic helicopter safety for the seafarers boarding the helicopter, helideck and ship preparations to ensure due communication, and some of the operational and safety procedures in place. It will show you what happens and what you shall do during helicopter operations at sea.

Despite their truly perfect safety record, helicopters are still dangerous machines. So, let us concentrate on the precautions seafarers must take on board and what they can expect to happen during the journey. First, the own responsibilities of the passengers...

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