How To Grid Lathe Tool Cutter Bits

Author(s)                 South Bend Lathe Works
Publisher South Bend Lathe Works
Date 1938
Pages 8
Format pdf
Size 6.9 Mb

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   A reproduction of the very rare classic manuals covering the techniques for grinding the high speed steels demonstrating proper angles and also providing readers with the information on correct set-up of different types of bits; it also shows the correct angles the bits on the lathe are to be set. Moreover, it contains necessary instructions relating to the set-up for the tool holders. For more than a century this volume has been serving as a valuable source of technical knowledge giving lots of helpful information which is quite often very difficult to find elsewhere. Cutting tools are there among the critically important instruments to be considered when machining the metal in the lathe. In order to perform the metal machining in an efficient and accurate manner, workers must have proper understanding of the main principles. The booklet contains the very latest shop practices for grinding different types of the cutter bits. In fact, cutter bit is exactly a part of the lathe tool cutting the metal that is required to be removed in order to bring the work to the size and shape that are desired. They are usually made of high-speed steels and commonly held in a holder. Note that this is professionally prepared electronic copy of the publication released in the very beginning of the last century.

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