NP 294 How to Keep Your Admiralty Products Up-to-Date

Author(s)                  Admiralty Charts and Publications
Publisher Crown Publishing
Date 2016
Pages 126
Format pdf
Size 26.1 Mb

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   As it is clearly implied by the title of the present nautical publication no. 295, it was specifically released to provide seafarers with the instruction on how to keep their Admiralty-issues navigation charts updated. Obviously, no chart of any part of our world and directions can be perfect enough to require no frequent update, revision and subsequent amendment. The degree of reliance to the nautical chart must first of all depend upon the completeness and way of the initial survey materials as well as the completeness of the reports of the changes. One shall always remember that no chart shall be taken for granted. This is all to remind you that we can only rely on the duly and timely updated charts. It is not the intention of the present publication to teach navigation; it is rather assumed that mariners are able to perform plotting from the original text of the Notices to Mariners released by the Admiralty and that they are fully aware of the ways to position the updates on the chart. The objective of this volume was to clearly and simply set up the very fundamental points of the good maintenance of the nautical charts. The text has been supplemented with the numerous nautical charts hand-updated in the UKHO to demonstrate the techniques of updating the charts. Needless to say, one of the basic publications to be possessed on board.

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