How to Prevent Tanker Cargo Contamination Claims

Author(s)                 UK P&I Club
Publisher UK P&I Club
Date 2011
Pages 12
Format pdf
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   The publication dedicated to the prevention of the claims associated with the contamination of the tanker cargo. The booklet starts with the information about the recognition of the main contamination causes both shoreside and shipboard. The shoreside causes would typically include the residues of the previous cargoes of the tanks, hoses and transfer lines, cleaning media for the tanks and lines, impurities, fresh water including one coming from the leaking tank roofs or heating coils, valve leakage, poor in-line blending, salt water coming from the leaking pipelines etc, while the shipboard causes would additionally include dirty ullaging/sounding equipment and deficiencies of the coatings, vapor via common IGS, copper leaching utilized for the manufacturing of the heating coils. In order to make sure that the vessel means all applicable conditions related to the cargo quality, following shall be considered - have the carried products been included in the ship's IMO Certificate of Fitness and could the different types of carried cargoes by the vessel be arranged well enough for the maintenance of the required separation degree etc. In addition, it shall be ensured that the vessel maintains the required carriage and discharge temperatures of the cargo. The coating in the tanks shall be fully suitable for the intended cargo and shall be in satisfactory technical condition. The tanks and transfer lines shall ne duly prepared for loading the cargoes...

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