How to Reduce Bunker Claims and Associated Costs

Author(s)                 UK P&I Club
Publisher UK P&I Club
Date 2012
Pages 8
Format pdf
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   The P&I publication addressing the reduction of the potential claims and costs associated with the bunkering. It is intended to provide the crew members and other interested parties with the information that would help them with reducing of the risks of both quality and quality claims and also with minimization of the associated costs. Commonly, the disputed related to the quality and quantity of the fuel are difficult to resolve; the satisfactory outcome would mainly rely on the evidence that is provided by the crew. The correct and duly detailed documentation is considered vitally important. The steps demonstrated in the present publication shall be followed as necessary in order to assist with prevention of the associated problems and also to provide the basic reference should the claim arise. The quantity claims commonly arise during the delivery and can actually get minimized - to reach this, the correct procedures shall be followed. If a cargo shortage cannot be identified and if the correct actions have not been undertaken during the delivery then it would be next to impossible to recover any potential losses. The publication provides explanations of several advisable pre-delivery checks including the segregation of the new bunkers from the pre-existing fuels - it is recommended to load into empty tanks in order to avoid any incompatibility problems and make the measurements easier plus reduce the chances of spills etc...

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