IMO SMCP - Standard Marine Communication Phrases


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   The SMCP was has been compiled with the following purposes: to assist in the safety of navigation, to standardize the language used in communication during navigation at sea and when approaching the ports, in harbors and waterways in case of ships with multilingual crews, and to assist training institutions in meeting the above stated objectives. These communication phrases are not actually intended to contradict or supplant the COLREG, 1972 or special local recommendations or rules IМО, neither are they intended to supersede the ICS; it should apply in strict compliance with the relevant procedures set out in the ITU Radio Regulations. Moreover, it should not be regarded as technical manual providing any operational instructions. This publication should be used as often as possible in preference to any other words or phrases of similar meaning. The accompanying CD (to be installed from included files) is designed to familiarize people with the pronunciation.

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