Introduction to Modern Navigation Systems

Author(s)                 Esmat Bekir
Publisher World Scientific Pub Co Inc.
Date 2007
Pages 256
Format pdf
Size 1.7 Mb

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   Today, constantly and rapidly emerging technology of relatively cheap inertial sensors is readily available and accessible for the navigation today. The present book written by Esmat Bekir is laying the analytical basics required for the proper understanding and implementation of the navigation equations. The content of the book opens with the demystification of the central theme of frame rotation through the algorithms including the quaternion, Euler angles and rotation vectors. The publication then introduces the calculation issues and also discusses the relevant physical aspects tied to the implementation of all above stated equations, The author has also provided the explanations of the alignment techniques. The content of this book is also featuring the information about the essential algorithms used for the polar navigation. It also demonstrates to the readers how exactly performance of the inertial system can be enhanced when they are aided by GPS. This text book will be appropriate for the students at higher levels in various fields of engineering (particularly electrical) and will also be very useful for the practitioners in the subject field. The author has managed to capture the fundamental information including theory of the systems, relevant equations plus modeling/simulation issues..

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