Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps

Author(s)                 L. Bachus, A. Custodio
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2003
Pages 264
Format pdf
Size 5.3 Mb

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   Today, pumps are quite commonly encountered in the industry and are actually considered essential equipment required to proper and smooth running of so many various technical systems. It is quite usual for all mechanical engineers making their first steps in this industry to possess little to no practical experience with the pumping arrangements and problems that are commonly associated with their operation and maintenance. It is critically important for them to build up a proper understanding of the design of the pumps and pumping systems as well as of their operation. The publication tackles all above mentioned aspects in a very readable way, drawing on the long professional experience of the author. Though formally the book is dedicated to the centrifugal pumps, actually its content is covering all other types of pumps. That is why it could be recommended to all people involved in operation and maintenance of different pump arrangements as it will definitely serve as an excellent resource for troubleshooting. The present volume has been written by hands-on people and the material contained in it has been presented in quite plain language, making it easy to understand even to non-professionals. A truly must-have one for both operating and maintenance staff.

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