Kongsberg K-Pos DP Capability and Motion Prediction Analysis Operator Manual

Author(s)                 Kongsberg Maritime AS
Publisher Kongsberg Maritime AS
Date 2006
Pages 68
Format pdf
Size 1.2 Mb

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   The DP Capability and Motion Prediction Analysis functions are used to analyse and predict operational margins for your vessel and the effects of single-point failures. The basis for the analyses is the PRESENT environmental conditions (relative to the vessel heading) specified by the operator. Due to the cyclic nature of the analysis program, i.e. that the analysis is run automatically at preset intervals, you should evaluate the PRESENT environmental conditions regularly, and input new values if they have changed significantly. Be aware that: - All directions are to be specified relative to compass north (TRUE NORTH); - The sea current amplitude is "real" current and not "DP" current. Both the DP Capability Analysis and the Motion Prediction Analysis functions can be run in On-line or Off-line mode. When On-line Running mode is selected, online DP variables are used to adjust the calculations. Analyses are performed cyclically (usually every five minutes), provided the system has first settled for at least 2.5 minutes in Auto Position mode and with statuses PRESENT HEADING and PRESENT POSITION. These statuses are indicated on the status bar at the bottom of the screen. When the above stated conditions are met. the operator can also start a new analysis at any time.

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