Kongsberg Simrad APOS - SSBL & LBL Operation - Operator Course

Author(s)                 Kongsberg Simrad AS
Publisher Kongsberg Simrad AS
Date 1998
Pages 355
Format pdf
Size 14.9 Mb

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   This is the Operator Course Guide by Kongsberg Simrad AD. The list of topics and short explanations as follows: HPR development - short introduction to the development of HPR systems and different applications for such systems; Hydro acoustics - sound in water - short intro to the theory of hydro acoustics; Transducers - some theory of transducers; Transponders - theory, different ways to code information and decriptions of some of the transponders used in Kongsberg HRP/HIPAP systems; Positioning principles - different hydro acoustics positioning principles; System units and configuration - different system units, technical specifications and different configurations; LBL principles of operations - the principle of operation of the LBL functions in the HPR/HIPAP system; Exercises - theoretical exercises and answers plus practical basic exercises for a APOS demo program; Other notes.

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