Lagrangian Analysis and Prediction of Coastal and Ocean Dynamics

Author(s)                 Annalisa Griffa, A. D. Kirwan Jr., Arthur J. Mariano, Tamay Ozgokmen, H. Thomas Rossby
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2007
Pages 487
Format pdf
Size 15.4 Mb

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   This volume has actually been motivated by the very recent surge in the availability and density of Lagrangian measurements as well as latest math and methodological developments in the field of analysis of the relevant data in order to improve the characteristics of the circulation models and many applications to dispersion of various biological species. One of the main intentions of the present publication was to conduct a proper and thorough review of Lagrangian observations, as well as  the applicable methods of assimilation and analysis in both biological and physical oceanography; it is also intended to present some of the brand new methods of subject analysis and assimilation of the data, plus applications of the stochastic models from the studies of biological dispersion. Some of the chapters of this book have been specifically prepared while others had been presented at various LAPCOD workshops. In fact, this work may be considered a very first of its kind due its core topic being the Lagrangian point of view applied to the studies of the transport phenomena in the oceanic flows. Anther interesting and valuable aspects of this volume is the multi-disciplinary nature plus the contributions provided by the theoreticians and experimentalists and other professionals from very diverse fields, from marine biology up to the mathematics.

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