Lifeboat Safety - Managing the Risks


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   It is a fact that many seafarers have been, and continue to be. killed or seriously injured in accidents involving the failure of lifeboat on-load release mechanisms. The objective of this briefing booklet is to give the responsible officer an outline of the content of each of the four sections in the DVD so that the officer has a clear idea of the key safety messages and can think about how to conduct the pre-lifeboat drill briefing. The responsible officer should confirm the understanding of the crew by discussion of the safety messages. The purpose of the DVD is to highlight the growing body of support for fall preventer devices (FPD) and a 'new' potential hazard of not being able to release the painter. Some simple control measures are suggested - in addition to the basic SOLAS requirements - that will hopefully reduce lifeboat accidents that are killing or seriously injuring seafarers. The DVD can be re-started at any time for discussion.

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