Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security


Rupert Herbert-Burns, Sam Bateman, Peter Lehr
 Publisher CRC Press
 Date 2009
 Pages 368
 Format pdf
 Size 2.9 Mb

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   There were numerous significant changes that occurred to the global maritime security; while some of these changes were necessary and even overdue, others did result in the situations where beneficiaries were the providers of the security services and associated equipment. And against subject background, this publication is setting out to provide the reality check, bringing together a broad range of various perspectives of the critically important maritime issues collected from all parts of the world. The book contains chapters exploring the operational and also legal realities of the maritime security measures implemented straight after 9/11. The publication is mainly aimed at the people having serious interest in various dimensions of the newly introduced maritime security measures. Above mentioned interest may be a general interest in the field of maritime security or a specific interest, for example ones directly relating to the implementation of ISPS Code, executing the practical security measures both in ports and at sea, or in the assessment of the potential security risks and threats treated as inherent in the realm of today's international shipping. The author of this volume strongly hope that the readers of all categories will find something of professional interest for them in the present document.

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