Maintenance and Repair for Outboard Motors

Author(s)                 Jean Luc Pallas
Publisher Adlard Coles
Date 2013
Pages 128
Format epub
Size 32.4 Mb

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   Why to choose an outboard engine; The present and past of the outboards; European Union 2004 emission standard labelling; Distribution networks; Outboard engine anatomy; The power head, shaft, power leg; How the engine works; The two-stroke and four-stroke engine cycles; Scavenging; Four strokes or two?; The main parts of an outboard engines; Terminology used; Piston displacement, torque and compression ratio, HP, power/weight ratio; Number of cylinders in the outboard engine; Specific fuel consumption... and so many other topics relating to the maintenance and repair of the outboards. As it is the case with the most technical stuff on board the powerboat, the outboard engine is quite simple in use; however, should it happen to break, it immediately becomes very complex and obscure piece of machinery. This book is intended to provide the boat owners with some guidance on the maintenance and repair of such engines. First of all, it goes without saying and discussion that the best way to prevent the engine from breaking down is the regular maintenance. It may seem quite tedious and time-consuming if you are not guided; however, with proper guidance, it is really easy and quick task. That is why this guidance book must be in the collection of every boater.

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