Manual on Marine Meteorological Services

Author(s)                 WMO
Publisher World Meteorological Organization
Date 2012
Pages 111+26
Format pdf
Size 1.8 Mb

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   The present official Manual has been released in full accordance with the decisions of the 8th World Meteorological Congress. The publication has been specifically designed with the intention to facilitate due international collaboration of MMS, i.e. marine meteorological services, and also specify the main obligations, and also to make sure the conformity is there in the established procedures and practices which are commonly employed to achieving the above mentioned purposes. The Manual consists of two volumes covering the global and regional MMS aspects. The first volume has been arranged in four parts containing all required regulatory materials directly related to the fundamental international obligations; it shall be taken into consideration that any additional obligations for national activities will be met as per the local procedures and practices. The layout of the first part of the manual consists of four chapters covering, apart from the introductory information, the meteorological services for the high seas, coastal and offshore areas, main ports and harbor areas, and, finally, training in the field of the marine meteorology. The intro chapter addresses the types of regulations, procedures and declared purposes, principles of MMS, organization, notes and appendices. The second part covers the MMS of different regions of the world.

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