marine control systems


Thor I. Fossen
 Publisher Marine Cybernetics
 Date 2002
 Pages 558
 Format pdf
 Size 15.9 Mb

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The subject of the present textbook is control of marine vessels. By marine vessels we hereby mean conventional ships, HSC, submarines, semi-submersible offshore structures, floating offshore drilling rigs and other offshore installations, underwater vehicles being remotely or even autonomously operated and any other powered/propelled vehicles. We all know that a marine vessel during maneuvering experiences motion in six degrees of freedom. The feedback control systems and their application to the ships are becoming more and more popular due to the recent developments kin computer science, ship propulsion systems and sensor technology. There are many systems commercially available today, such as the auto-pilots for ships and UV used for coursekeeping/turning control, way-point tracking systems, torpedo control systems, depth auto-pilots and attitude control systems used on the underwater vehicles, dynamic positioning (DP) and positioning mooring (PM)  systems on marine vessels and floating structures, path control/trajectory control systems, buoyancy, propulsion, power management and energy control systems, heel/trim correction systems, wave-induced vibration damping systems used on HSC, roll stabilization systems and others...

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