Marine Electrical Check List - A Guide to Inspecting Marine Electrical Systems

Author(s)                 IslandNet
Publisher IslandNet
Date 2010
Pages 28
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   The present booklet is aimed to provide an explanatory guidance for checking electrical systems on board marine vessels. Of course, the first step to do will be to clarify any possible confusing points with some professional electrician prior to the commencement of working on any of the electrical systems. The checklist covers nearly all items - electrical connections, batteries and their chargers, common ground point, alternators, starters, stray current, fuses, switches/breakers, charging diodes, diagrams and equipment labeling, cables/wires, bilge pumping system, corrosion protection, 120 Volt alternate current system, various electrical meters, anchor winch. In addition, pre-cruise mini check list is provided. This short and compact yet very useful and practical publication will provide all necessary technical guidance to the people dealing with the operation and periodical maintenance of the shipboard electrical equipment/systems as it will help them ensure that all related equipment, installations and systems are duly maintained and continues to be good working order. It will also be useful to the people conducting various inspections and surveys of the subject equipment to check if same is compliant with the requirements of the regulations and good marine practice.

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