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Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge

   This popular publication is intended to describe all up-to-date electrical practices that have been employed in international shipping of today. The contents of this handbook was specifically designed to provide all required training support to the students. The specific intention of the authors was to assist the marine engineers and electrical officers in proper understanding of the shipboard electrical installations, equipment, systems and their maintenance. The electrical power system of the vessel has been explained in terms of the main and emergency generation and distribution, including the matters of the electrical safety and associated safe working practices. The types of the faults occurring in the electrical circuits and their significant have been examined together with the different protection forms and methods. In addition to that, the book explains the construction of motors and starters as well as their operation  and protection principles. The title includes a surveys of the variable speed control methods for motors as applicable to the vessels. Moreover, the publication describes all electrical services for ships refrigeration installations, A/C, cathodic protection, lighting and various auxiliary equipment...  

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Robotics and Automation in the Maritime Industries

   This publication was prepared by three recognized experts in this field with the main of the declared objectives to disseminate the accumulated technical knowledge together with the applications of the Spanish working groups dealing with the scientific technical researches in the relevant fields of maritime robotics/automation. There are some serious discerning between control and guidance, when applied to the marine vehicles. The term "guidance" usually corresponds to the determination of the factors as the attitude, course and speedof the marine vehicle, relative to the established reference frame, e.g. earth, that is to be followed by the above mentioned vehicle. The term "control" would rather be corresponding to the development plus the application to marine vehicles of the various forces/moments for operating point controls, stabilization/tracking, and this all would definitely involve the feedback/feedforward control laws. This volume contains fourteen chapters covering all control problems in marine vehicles, interactive software tools, long disturbances compensation techniques, reactive control of a visually guided UCT (standing for the underwater cable tracker), underwater climbing robots and impact systems that are commonly utilized for ship hull cleaning, simulation of the sea trials and many other important, innovative and very interesting topics...

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The Giant Book of Electronics Projects

   The present book of selected electronic projects is representing some of the best projects that appeared in the popular "73 Magazine". In this single volume the electronics experimenters will find various interesting projects - note that it will be also interesting to the radio enthusiasts and, in fact, literally anyone having an interest in electronics. The projects included in this publication are covering all fields of electronics - from receivers to transmitters and from power supplies to testing equipment. The readers will even be able to construct some of the equipment themselves, just following the detailed instructions provided in the book. The authors have even included several simple projects for the beginners. The original intention of the authors was to provide all enthusiasts of electronics with a good compilation of tried, tested and proven electronics projects. Five major chapters of the publication address power suppliers and power regulators, general testing equipment, special testing equipment, amplifiers, and receivers. Definitely recommended volume to anyone making his first steps in the amazing world of electronics, since it is really dealing with all important areas of electronics - it means that the readers will be given a good chance to apply their theoretical knowledge and may try to do something real.

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Handbook of Small Electric Motors

   The volume offers all readers a good technical treatment of the all possible issues related to the design and fabrication of small motors. In general, the concepts described in this book would normally be applicable to larger machines. The layout of the publication is very goof and reader-friendly, it means that the information is places exactly where it would be needed. The theory of the electric motors is explained in a very understandable and readable manner making this book a complete reference source for the design and manufacturing of the small electric motors, i.e. ones of less than 10 hp power, and their applications. It provides readers with the remarkably comprehensive intro on the basics of such motors and gives a detailed coverage of almost twenty types of electric motors and drives. The authors of the book have also included several step-by-step methods of calculations related to the design and application of the motors, supplemented with the informative practical examples. The required reference data on construction materials and fabrication methods is also there. Definitely recommended reading for people directly involved in the design, operation and technical maintenance of the subject motors and trying to find the best cost-effective solutions.

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Complete Electronics - Self-Teaching Guide

   The present latest edition of the Guide is a truly great one for beginners; it has been developed for anyone having some basic understanding of electronics concepts and wishing to get some more better understanding of the operation of various electrical components. It shall be noted that this publication has served as a classic text for the electronics enthusiasts for more than thirty years and, at the same time, remains actual and useful even today. This release has been thoroughly revised and updated to make sure that all today's technological developments have been taken into account. The information in the book covers nearly all aspects of electronics and is presented in a very easy-to-understand and user-friendly manner. According to the reviews, this is one of the best electronics books available at the market today. The learning material has been presented in a very understandable manner. there are so many lab exercises and studies for better understanding of the theory. It shall definitely be treated as the all-in-one reference source providing an excellent overview of electronics that people can easily understand without any further instruction. The main focus has been made on discrete electronics; the operational amplifiers have also been covered.

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Basic Electrical Engineering

   Here is the fourth, updated and revised, edition of the Basic Electrical Engineering. The book has been prepared with the specific intention of the authors to make a book that would serve as a good training course for virtually all engineering students of electronics, computer and mechanical engineering, communications, etc. With the very latest technological advancement in nearly all spheres of engineering, it is becoming too difficult to provide users with more than one slot for inter-disciplinary courses. However, the author of this publication feels that no engineering could work without electric energy, which is true. We all know that the basic input to all engineering is the electric energy, and that is why a basic course on Electrical Engineering theory is one of the essential studies for all engineering students. The opening chapter of the publication has been dedicated to the direct current circuits; it is followed by the chapter on the electromagnetic induction. The other chapters of the publication cover the alternate current circuits, network theory, three-phase supply, address some basic instruments, describe the theory, construction and operation of the transformers and DC machines, shed some light on the three-phase synchronous machines and induction motors, power systems, domestic wiring etc. There are numerous multiple choice questions provided in the closing chapter of the book to check your knowledge.​

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Handbook of Electronics Formulas, Symbols and Definitions

   The book that we are now presenting to your attention has been specifically prepared by author, John R. Brand, for the industry engineers, as well as commercial operators, electricians, and even students and enthusiasts, i.e. for literally any person having some minimum knowledge of electrical terminology and some theory, and the declared ultimate intention was to provide them all with a comprehensive but compact and easy-to-use reference book containing all relevant technical info that they might require in their day-to-day activities or study, including schematic diagrams, approximations, symbols and formulas, all definitions required for today's active/passive analog circuit technology. The way materials have been arranged in this publication allows readers to easily locate any desired formula without making it necessary to use the index. The publication contains sufficient technical information, approximations and schematic diagrams, various alternate methods and footnotes arranged in a very easy-to-use manner. The handbook will definitely be very useful to electrical engineers and future professionals since it could be used as a reference book, for the classroom training or for the self-study. All formulas that have been provided in this volume use only the basic units and are listed alphabetically.

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Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing

   The book embraces a huge number of applications of modern math and teaches both continuous and discrete systems particularly vital for DSP; moreover, since the engineers of today are required to be in line with the software, applicable information has been integrated in the present publication. The author of the textbook did her best when trying to avoid going into too excessive technical details and using specific language. The emphasis in the book has rather been made to an application of the basic concepts behind the math, for solving the problems and undertaking the critical analysis of the obtained results. The text of the material has been supplemented with the numerous worked examples and so many exercises were included to ensure that all math theory is really relevant to the real world engineering. In addition to all that has been stated above, it shall of course be noted that this publication includes a comprehensive introduction to some of the advanced topics like Fourier analysis and random processes/vector calculations. We would say that this publication shall definitely be considered a must-have book for anyone dealing with such calculations since it is truly comprehensive textbook that would provide them with desired technical information on calculations.

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Ships Electrical Systems

   The present title will tell readers everything they need to know about the ships electric installations. It contains the easily readable information on the basic design and principles of power generation, energy distribution to all consumers on board as well as ship automation, various nautical equipment and remote control systems, communication systems etc. The publication is aimed to people who already have some basic knowledge of the electrical installations on board vessels or the electrical installations ashore. It is also intended to provide some simplified principles of electricity as well as the specific requirements for vessels. Take some time reading this book and you will have a necessary knowledge of the principles of electricity including the special application onboard ships. This publication was prepared aiming to help all readers who are involved with making decisions affecting the design, installation, subsequent testing, operation, maintenance and repair of the electrical systems installed on board vessels. The book starts with the chapter describing the very basics of electricity, followed by the chapters on basic design criteria, one line diagram and electrical load balance. Next chapters are dedicated to the mains voltage selection, alternate current sources, type approved electric equipment, emergency power sources, short-circuit calculation, switchboards, cables, alarm/monitoring systems, communication, lighting, safety systems, nautical equipment, dynamic positioning systems, automatics etc.

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Marine Electrical Check List - A Guide to Inspecting Marine Electrical Systems

   The present booklet is aimed to provide an explanatory guidance for checking electrical systems on board marine vessels. Of course, the first step to do will be to clarify any possible confusing points with some professional electrician prior to the commencement of working on any of the electrical systems. The checklist covers nearly all items - electrical connections, batteries and their chargers, common ground point, alternators, starters, stray current, fuses, switches/breakers, charging diodes, diagrams and equipment labeling, cables/wires, bilge pumping system, corrosion protection, 120 Volt alternate current system, various electrical meters, anchor winch. In addition, pre-cruise mini check list is provided. This short and compact yet very useful and practical publication will provide all necessary technical guidance to the people dealing with the operation and periodical maintenance of the shipboard electrical equipment/systems as it will help them ensure that all related equipment, installations and systems are duly maintained and continues to be good working order. It will also be useful to the people conducting various inspections and surveys of the subject equipment to check if same is compliant with the requirements of the regulations and good marine practice.​

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Electrical Engineering Dictionary   The Electrical Engineering Dictionary by Philip Laplante is the must-have book that provides the practicing electrical engineering professionals as well as the people only studying the electrical engineering disciplines, with so many workable definitions. It may and will for sure be a good research and reference source since it offers practical info for both industry researchers and scientists in other related disciplines. The dictionary provides users with a remarkably comprehensive coverage of the important acronyms, terms and technical definitions related to the electrical engineering field, more than eleven thousand in total. There are several new areas that have been covered in this second release of the dictionary, compared to the first edition - process control and instrumentation and mechatronics, data storage, embedded sensors and systems, and others. There are so many new technical terms and abbreviations that have been included in this new edition of the dictionary to fully reflect the rapid growth in computer electronics and other relating engineering fields. Believe it is absolutely needless to say that the present dictionary must be treated as the perfect reference for any person involved in electrical engineering activities, including technical design and construction of the electrical equipment/systems, their installation and operation, and any sort of maintenance and repair.​

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Starting Electronics

   Since the day of the original publication of this book, its author, Keith Bridley, has added lot of new materials in order to make sure that the publication is relevant and up-to-date. We hope that all readers will agree that the practical nature of this publication lends itself to a self-learning experience that all readers could easily follow in a logical and manageable manner. Here are the main chapters - it starts with the chapters describing the very first steps, followed by the one dedicated to the measuring electric current and voltage, capacitors and ICs, filters and oscillators, diodes and transistors, analogue/digital integrated circuits. The comprehensive Glossary of terms is provided at the end of the book. The publication is based on the collection of the articles previously published in professional magazines and chosen not only because of their popularity among readers but rather because of their relevance to the introductory electronics. Most of the people when looking at electronic diagram have no idea what it is. For such beginners, electronics may seem as a black art. However, electronics is just another field of science and you only need to be aware of the rules to know what is happening. It is a very interesting and practical science, and this book will help you understand the very basics of this amazing science.

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Understand Electronic Filters

   This book has been written by one of the most respected and recognized industry professionals and covers a field of electronics which is currently presenting a number of serious difficulties to the students of electronics. As declared by the author, the ultimate goal of this book is to provide all readers with mathematics to make them understand what exactly electronic filters are and how they work; this would definitely help people understand how to effectively use them. Knowledge of math at GCSE-level is assumed; the students are also supposed to possess some minimum level of electrical theory. Throughout the publication, the text is backed up by description of various electrical filters, their practical working. There are several control questions at the end of each chapter to check your progress; note that the answers to all those questions are provided at the end of the book. According to the reviews, the book is very easy to read and covers nearly every aspect of electronic filters from the very simple electronic concepts up to the active and digital filters. The title is pretty self-explanatory and we would recommend this volume to any technicians dealing with such filters and to any non-professional willing to get some technical knowledge of them.

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Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Protective Relays for Power Systems

   The present title was specificity prepared and released for the today's and future professionals  in the field of protective relaying as well as for any interested people possessing some minimal engineering skills. The publication has been written in a bit unconventional way - it uses the MERIT 2000, the MATLAB-based simulation tool, to offer readers the experience in understanding and subsequent implementing of various protective relaying designs. There are many books dedicated to the protective relaying - most of them provide very good background on the principles of power relaying and faults occurring in power systems; however, almost all of them assume that the readers are mostly interested in learning how exactly the protective relaying approaches can be used in power systems. The authors of this book took a bit different approach assuming that readers are in learning how the protective relays work and understand their basic working principles. Taking this goal in consideration, this book tries to turn the learning into the design experience with the readers using MATLAB from the very beginning. Note that we would not consider this book a substitute for any textbook on the fundamentals of protective relaying; this is more a complementary source of information.

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Delmars Standard Textbook of Electricity

   This sixth edition of the famous textbook by Delmar has been mainly intended for students involved in electrical trade programs at community colleges, high schools and those engaged in industry training. It is assumed by the authors that the readers have had no prior deep knowledge of electricity; however, the book provides quite comprehensive coverage for use a reference tool even for experienced professionals. The content of this publication itself is presented as a sort of blend of the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It explains the various technical concepts related to electrical theory and also contains a number of case studies and practical examples of how to perform many of the common tasks that the industrial electricians must perform on the regular basis. The book also includes a very extensive art program which contains nice line drawings and full color high-quality images, and a huge number of practical exercises, all intended to serve to further clarification of the theoretical concepts. This edition of the Textbook has been updated to the 2014 NEC. All materials provided in the book are explained really well and using an understandable language so it will be good for the beginners to electrical engineering as well as to students.​

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Understanding Electronics

   Another textbook on electronics for the newcomers. The book will help beginners understand some basic electronics concepts and also let them know how the basic equipment like diodes, voltage multipliers, amplifiers and other equipment are constructed and how they work. It will be very useful for hobbyists who are willing to dabble, and the authors do not go too deep in mathematics so reading the book is not that difficult. The publication will also be good for the professionals to check and/or refresh their technical skills. Brief contents - Abbreviations and symbols used; Alternate and direct current; Basic circuits and electric circuit laws; Capacitors and resistors; Capacitor and RC circuits; Coils and inductances; Transformers and semiconductors; Neon lamps, LEDs, and liquid crystals technologies; Other components; Tubes; Integrated circuits; IC arrays; Transistor characteristics; Amplifiers; Oscillators; Circuit diagrams and construction; Printed circuits; Radio and TV technologies; Microprocessors; Batteries, power supplies, and chargers; High-voltage power supplies; Symbols and equations. Definitely recommendable book for all electronics specialists, students and enthusiasts.

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Marine Electrical Technology

   Nowadays, the tole of a marine engineer working on board a ship requires deep technical knowledge of various relevant engineering disciplines and their application. In addition, nearly every single piece of the shipboard equipment is fed and/or controlled by electrical power. The present publication is intended to serve as a good textbook for marine engineering students and electro technical officers. However, it may also be used for self-study and included in libraries both ashore and onboard vessels as a very good reference source. The book consists of twenty-six chapters written in quite simple and easily understandable English. The author not only explains the fundamentals but he also deals with the operating principles, procedures for proper maintenance, design and construction features, and rules/regulations governing the safe and efficient operation of all shipboard electrical systems. There are also some extracts from class societies' rules. There is also a Teaching Guide provided at the very beginning of the volume, and it suggest a standard methodology of teaching. Moreover, there is a questions bank covering all topics explained in the main body of the book to check and control the progress, hundreds of figures, images and other valuable supplementary information for better understanding.

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Electrical Properties of Materials

   This book features quite informal and accessible style of writing, combined with a simple treatments of math, and a very clear guidelines to applications - all this have made the publication one of the best selling and most popular ones in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics. The readers will find this book comprehensive though very readable. The authors have emphasized all fundamental ideas that are relevant to the correct understanding of the various electrical properties of materials. All topics in the publication have been selected with the author's intent to explain the principles of construction/operation of various devices used in engineering or proposed for future use in the industry. The use of math has been kept to a minimum owing to choosing the simplest model capable of displaying the essential properties of a phenomenon. Most of the sections in this book are self contained and might actually be used as background reading. All challenging topics have been explained in this publication and we specifically recommend this reading to anyone having the materials science/materials engineering background. However, it suits everyone - the authors made their best to explain the technology using the introductory-level physics and mathematics.

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Understanding Electric Power Systems

   This comprehensive resource is dedicated to the electric systems of today and describes the physical nature of the networks making up the electric power systems, and their working principles plus so many other relevant aspects. The authors have translated very intricate and complex material they wanted to include in the book, into a quite straightforward narrative and this, in turn, allowed the authors to make this title very easy for all newcomers to use. This volume will also be useful to any person willing to get a broad technical overview of such systems. The publication will be good for non-electrical technicians and engineers, as well, since it provides a perfectly compiled and easily understandable summary allowing readers to get a good general understanding. The present book on power systems would be highly recommended to the students and professional engineers and might for sure serve as a critically useful addition to the technical libraries. As it has been already mentioned above, the material contained in the publication, has been presented in consistently clear and quite simple language without any unrealistic projections and strident arguments - only thorough explanations of what exactly the power supply industry is and how it relates with the finance, law and politics.​

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The Electric Power Engineering Handbook

   Here is an excellent book released with the intention to provide readers with the necessary overview of the very latest advances in the recommended practices and technologies, as well as recognized international technical standards to help them achieve safest, most efficient and most economical power delivery in a dynamic environment of today. The topics in this book include protection, dynamics and stability, and operation and control of electric power systems. The present release of the publication contains five completely new and ten significantly revised chapters, supplying the highest level of detail. The material presented in the book is supplemented with so many professional images and graphs making it much easier for the reader to understand it. Among the new chapters there are ones addressing the wind power integration, systems aspects of large black-outs. stability assessment, dynamic security performance and others. This handbook shall definitely be considered a very useful and practical tool that has to be there is every electrical technician's and engineer's library. Moreover, we would recommend this book even to the students wishing to fresh out their technical knowledge of the electric power systems.

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Electric Power Principles

   The author of this popular technical publication used the innovative approach to the very fundamentals of the electric power, that provided modern and comprehensive treatment. The book covers the most important and actual problems relating to the electrical power systems and looks at the traditional power plants as well as the ones utilizing sunlight and wind to extract the energy. It may be used for self-study and in the classroom. The problems included in the book, at the end of the each chapter,  are of different levels of difficulty level. We have found that the book is very well written and very readable. It means that one does not necessarily have to be a professional electrical engineer to be able to use this publication. The material presented in the pages of this book is easy to understand even to non-professionals. The author goes through every single topic in depth and makes his best to explain the methods used. We think that the publication shall be treated as the indispensable reference source for students of electrical engineering and engineers willing to get some additional training and improve their professional skills. Among the topics included by the author there are power electronics, synchronous machines, induction and d/c motors, energy conversion and others.

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Electric Motors and Drives - Fundamentals, Types, and Applications

   The publication is aimed at non-specialists using the electric motors/drives, and it was released to fill the gap that is there between the theory-based academic books and a bit more prosaic 'handbooks' providing useful detail but giving little to not opportunity for the real understanding and development of insight. It addresses nearly all modern types of motors/drives, including both conventional and brushless direct current induction motors plus servo drives. The present third edition of the book includes numerous examples and diagrams; moreover, there are so many new topics covering the material that has not been included in the second release of the publication. The authors used a minimum of mathematics in order to make the book easy to use and make the material easy to understand to all groups of readers. The material and data provided in the book are up-to-date and will be useful to OEM designers, electricians, users of the electrical equipment, maintenance and repair personnel who are involved in making decisions. Anyone who spends some time on this book will get a truly comprehensive understanding of the subject. We would say that it is an excellent technical book and maybe even one of the best books on electrical motors and drives available today. Though the material has been presented in a very understandable manner, the publication retains its technical soundness.

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Modeling of Sonar Transducers and Arrays

   The present report covers numerous topics considered important and relevant in the modeling of sonar transducers as well as transducer arrays. The distribution of this publication was quite limited since some part of the material contained i it was classified as critical for military purposes. Among the topics covered within this publication there are acoustic and structural modeling, electrical interconnections, structure-acoustic coupling, material parameters, specific types of acoustic projectors and others. The book starts with the chapter dedicated to the acoustic modeling. It addresses such issues as the equations depicting the acoustic wave, various analytic solutions of the wave equation, integral relations, and integral equation methods, point sources and dipoles, plane wave solutions, wave envelope method, infinite element methods etc. The next chapter deals with the structural modeling and covers variational methods, interpolation schemes, fluid, structural, piezoelectric and magnetostrictive finite elements, variational approximations etc. In short, the book is specifically recommended to the persons dealing with the sonar transducers and will be useful due to the valuable information contained in it.

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The Art Of Electronics

   Here is the 2nd thoroughly updated edition of the world famous "The Art of Electronics" book, which has been revised in order to include all latest developments of the electronics world. The present publication is worldwide accepted as very successful reference book on the analog/digital electronic circuit design, in fact it revolutionized the whole process of teaching electronics by emphasizing the methods that are currently in use by circuit designers -- a combination of the basic laws and rules of thumb plus huge number of tricks. The efforts of the authors resulted in largely nonmathematical treatment encouraging circuit intuition as well as brainstorming and simplified calculations of the electrical circuit performance and values. The publication is full of sharp insights and, at the same time, requires minimum knowledge of mathematics. The depth and richness of examples supplementing the theoretical material, is truly genuine. We would recommend this book to any person involved in the experiments or researches in the field of electronics since it is delightful; note that all schematics are readable and the circuits do work. The publication features a tremendous diversity of invaluable technical info and will provide readers with an easy way to learn everything about the electronic design.

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Power System Stability and Control

   Here is another part of The Electric Power Engineering Handbook prepared by Leonard Grigsby. The author offers the readers detailed and duly focused technical information which covers virtually all aspects relating to the protection, stability, control and operation of the electrical power systems. The material that has been chose by the author for inclusion in this volume has been compiled using the contributions by the recognized industry specialists under the direct technical guidance provided by accomplished authority in the field of electrical power engineering. Indeed, nearly every part of the publication has been significantly updated to keep pace with all recent technological developments in power systems of today, reflecting all changes and updates made to the relevant national/international industry standards and recommended practices. There are some completely new chapters that have been added by the author on the power system oscillations, stability controls, dynamic modeling etc - all mentioned changes were made with the intention to keep the publication relevant in the fast evolving field. As a result, we are quite sure that this book will help you ensure safest, most efficient and best-quality power delivery, and may recommend it for use by both students and industry professionals to get to the desired level of technical knowledge.

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