Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation - Methods and Algorithms in Navigation

Author(s)                 Adam Weintrit, Tomasz Neumann
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2011
Pages 218
Format pdf
Size 4.3 Mb

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   The book was written by Adam Weintrit in collaboration with Tomasz Neumann, who arranged the content of in the five major parts, addressing main areas of the marine navigation, and particularly common methods and algorithms, avoidance of the collisions, different geodetic problems existing in navigational applications, aviation/air navigation plus route planning utilized in the marine navigation. The compilers aimed to clearly demonstrate to the reader marine navigation origins and also to explain how exactly various techniques, navigational methods plus the associated systems were technically developed. The book starts with the part which deals with the methods and algorithms and covers the Fuzzy-neuron model, application of the CFD methods to the maneuverability assessment for the different marine vessels sailing in the shallow waters; it also covers the asymptotic stability of the 2D linear systems, and Kalman-Bucy observer design, various established numerical/experimental methods when to calculating the hydrodynamic profiles and evaluating the insurance expediency, etc. The second part of the volume focuses on the collision avoidance, covering the anti-collision principles with the relevant methods, scenarios, models, including various methods of assessment of the causation factor, safe ship control sensibility, experimental researches, collision zone definition, route similarity analysis...

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