Maritime Governance and Policy-Making

Author(s)                 Michael Roe
Publisher Springer
Date 2013
Pages 448
Format pdf
Size 3.2 Mb

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   The purpose of this book is quite simple—to outline the significance of the problems facing maritime policy and governance across all policy jurisdictions— international supranational national regional and local; to establish likely causes and in particular if what has been observed is a consequence of an underlying policy and governance inadequacy; and to suggest some moves that might make some difference. The devil is in the detail of course, for maritime policy and governance arc ill-defined, misunderstood, and commonly deliberately misrepresented. Our story is one with roots long ago and it is necessary to accommodate much of its history if we are to begin to understand the causes of the failures which we shall examine and to make any progress in addressing their solution. Consequently, the reader will need to be patient as there are no quick fixes in the policy arena, certainly none which have substance or durability, and there isa requirement of those taking part for endurance. grit, and determination (as well as a little foresight and talent). However, our story will be lightened by tales of death and destruction, injury and corruption, disease and immorality, incarceration and violence—a case of a cornucopia of sex. drugs, rock and roll, and ships. A happy ending cannot be promised, in fact not even an ending, but it does come with a guarantee that it will make you think...

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