Maritime Networks in the Mycenaean World

Author(s)                 Thomas F. Tartaron
Pulisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2013
Pages 341
Format pdf
Size 15.3 Mb

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   In his interesting and useful work, Thomas Tartaron has presented a brand new and quite original reassessment of the shipping world at the times of the Mycenaean Greeks, and we now talking about the Late Bronze Age. By all accounts the seafarers did enjoy the marine connections with other peoples as distant as Sicily and Egypt. Such the long-distance relationships have been celebrated and subjected to numerous close studies. By contrast, unfortunately, the live and vibrant worlds of local marine interaction as well as exploration of the seas have been mainly ignored. The author argues that subject local maritime networks presented in the forms of "small worlds" or "coastscapes" are in fact much more representative of the true content of life of Mycenaean. In this title, he is offering readers a complete template of methodological and also conceptual instruments to recover tha small worlds mentioned above together with the human communities that used to inhabit them. He did a great job trying to combine the archaeological, geo-archaeological and also anthropological approaches with the network theory and ancient papers to demonstrate the application of that scheme in the numerous case studies. The publication presents absolutely new perspectives and challenges for all professionals and enthusiasts of archaeology interesting in maritime connectivity.

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