Maritime Security Manual - Guidance for Port Facilities, Ports and Ships

Author(s)                 IMO
Publisher IMO
Date 2011
Pages 246
Format pdf
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   The present official Maritime Security Manual was released by the IMO with the objective to provide all necessary guidance for the port facilities, ports and ships. It will provide the required consolidated technical guidance on the amendments to SOLAS, that are directly related to the security. Subject amendments have been included in a newly added Chapter XI-2 of this Convention. The guidance that is provided in this Manual has been mainly addressed to the government officials exercising the responsibilities that the MSM (standing for the "Maritime Security Measures") are placing on the contracting governments, workers of the port facilities exercising the responsibilities that the MSM are placing on ports, and the workers of the shipping companies exercising the responsibilities placed by the MSM on the shipping companies and vessels operated by those companies. The content of the publication will also be relevant to the people who are responsible for the security in ports, on board ships, or at port facilities. The publication consists of five major sections. The first section describes the content and declared purpose of the volume and it also provides a general overview of the MSM, while the second, third and fourth sections give required guidance on the security responsibilities that the MSM place on governments, port facilities plus shipping companies; finally, the last section describes the established methodology for the security assessment...​

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