Materials Selection and Applications in Mechanical Engineering

Author(s)                  Aravamudham Raman
Publisher Industrial Press, Inc.
Date 2006
Pages 512
Format pdf
Size 32.1 Mb

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   The book provides a complete and deep coverage of the materials used in mechanical engineering, together with their principles and details of processing and handling. The text of the book is supplemented with the numerous sample projects and examples. The author has clearly depicted all relevant topics and gave quite adequate coverage with the examples so that the mechanical engineering students could appreciate the relevance of the subject materials to the disciplines they study. Among the key features fo the volume we would mention a coverage of the fundamental principles of selection of materials; the text follows the program of the introductory courses in material science; it is directed toward the mechanical engineering and is intended to introduce the materials generally used, together with the descriptions of their properties defining the functional characteristics and use, as well as the typical issues encountered in the course of the application because of the improper handing or processing of the materials, NDT procedures used for detection and correction of the problems, etc. Moreover, several live examples and project analyses have been included. In short, the content of the volume is covering literally all aspects of the engineering materials considered necessary for the successful use of such materials in various mechanical systems and their components. 

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