Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Hydrodynamic Stability

Author(s)                 Daniel N. Riahi
Publisher World Scientific Pub Co Inc.
Date 1996
Pages 190
Format pdf
Size 16.9 Mb

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   In a past couple of decades the great progress could be observed in the fields of the hydrodynamic stability, mostly owing to the math modeling and numerical simulation efforts on the basis of the several established computational and analytical methods. The subject of the hydrodynamic stability carries the critical significance in fluid mechanics plus its practical applications in engineering as well as numerous sciences, including the environmental and geophysical sciences. And, one of the critically important problems of hydrodynamic stability is the potential instabilities together with their sequences of transition towards the regime of turbulence. The actual first motivation for preparation of this publication was the serious interest that was expressed by numerous invited experts participated in the Fourteenth World Congress of the IMACA. The content of this volume has been developed from the documents that have been submitted by the recognized and world respected specialists working in the fields of applied mathematics, and the scientists dealing with all above mentioned matters, they have all valuably contributed to the several important aspects of simulation and also numerical modeling as applied to the hydrodynamic stability. This volume is bringing together all current theoretical/practical advances...

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