Mathematical Techniques for Wave Interaction with Flexible Structures

Author(s)                 Trilochan Sahoo
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2013
Pages 242
Format pdf
Size 7.6 Mb

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   The broad area of the wave structure interaction is considered one of the top important branches of fluid mechanics deservedly assumed to be of special significance because of the numerous applications in the fields of marine technology as well as arctic engineering. The main objective of the present monograph is to provide readers with a modern account of different mathematical techniques related to the problems of wave structure interactions and dealing with the initial and boundary value problems that are commonly associated with the Laplace equation which, in turn, satisfies the boundary conditions of the higher order. The author has made all efforts to present the content in a very pedagogical and easy-to-follow manner so that the readers can appreciate the tools discussed in the monograph and properly apply these tools to solve their problems in the relating branches. Certain exercises are there at the end of each chapter; but note that some of those exercises are not attempted for solution so far. The main material of the book has been arranged in seven big chapters on the basis of the application of different mat techniques as physical problems discussed. A very useful one for all persons with the interest in the application of mathematics to engineering.

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