Mechanical Drawing - Elementary and Advanced

Author(s)                 John S. Reid
Publisher Chapman & Hall
Date 1910
Pages 312
Format pdf
Size 19.5 Mb

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   This is the fully updated course in mechanical drawings; its content has been significantly enlarged and seriously improved; a set of concrete real problems and the whole content of the advanced mechanical drawing course have been added. The layout of this volume precludes the necessity to use numerous textbooks and will make it very useful for all students of literally all levels including universities, plus schools and classes where different courses are taught. The improvements made to the publication have been already well recognized by both students and teachers. Nine chapters of the book are covering such important areas of the mechanical drawing as the instruments, including their use, drawing boards and drawing pens/pencils, compasses, protractor, scale guards, college scales, spacers/dividers etc. The next three parts of the publication are covering the geometrical drawings, lettering and figures, and conventions. The remaining chapters are dealing with the orthographic projection, architectural drawing and design, drafting of the sheet metal pattern, and machine details, problems of contemporary mechanical drawing, and other valuable information. This title has been specifically prepared based on the materials collected from the wide experience of the author, who has been working as practical draughtsman and teacher for many years.

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